Arrest warrant issued in Iowa City tire slashings

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Illustration by Jordan Sellergren.

The Iowa City Police Department announced on Tuesday that an arrest warrant has been issued for Alexander Ruben Alvarado for the recent spree of tire slashings. According to an ICPD press release, Alvarado has admitted to slashing 42 tires in the southeast part of the city over three nights starting Nov. 14. The police said they also of have video surveillance footage of the 21-year-old in the act slashing tires with a pocket knife.

Alvarado is currently being held by U S. Marshals Service on an unrelated weapons charge. After he faces the federal charge, Alvarado will be transferred to the Johnson County Jail to face a charge of criminal mischief in the second degree for the tire slashings. The charge is a class D felony.

ICPD estimates that Alvarado did $6,300 in damage to the vehicles he vandalized.

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