A review of Earthly Beauty: the liberation from “things as everyone sees them”

If you are familiar with Dyas’ body of work, one might assume that the current exhibit is a continuation of her lifelong passion of documenting Iowa with the dedication of a self-trained ethnographer. In a way, it is, but it is also a step in a different direction. […]

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Studio Visit: Photographer David Van Allen

With a style that is as unique as the portraits he creates, photographer David Van Allen invites you inside his Cedar Rapids studio to discuss his process to portraiture. Van Allen has been taking pictures for decades and discusses the common misconception between the subject and the overall image in this Little Village Studio Visit. […]

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Studio Visit: Ceramacist Shumpei Yamaki fires his Anagama kiln (video)

Presented by Artifacts Just a couple of times each year, Shumpei Yamaki lights up his Anagama kiln for 4-5 days of continuous firing. The technique gives each individual piece its own unique, unpredictable finish. Yamaki is currently a resident artist at Scattergood Friends School and a member of the studio art faculty at Grinnell College. […]

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Cedar Rapids Public Library

Ongoing: Judge George Green honored in exhibit at CRPL

As Long as the City Stands: Honoring Judge George Greene Cedar Rapids Public Library — Open until August, 2016 “His name is associated with a soon-to-be reopened public space in downtown Cedar Rapids,” reads a page on the History Center’s website, but, “the story of Judge George Greene—for whom Greene Square is named—isn’t necessarily familiar […]

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Big Star

Talking Movies: A look at recent films about music

Woe to the cinephile who tries to make sense of the U.S. music industry through its representation in film. Never has a more confusing and hopelessly self-referential picture been painted under the guise of recounting cultural history. Not so long ago, popular films about music might include the bands themselves—the romping Beatles films are still […]

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