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Nintendo Power
Posted by Pat Brown |
Screenshot: An ode to the days of cheating

Nintendo Power eventually became a cheat code paradise. Its final issue was released in December 2012. -- photo by Rob Boudon There are some things missing from most games these...

Posted by Pat Brown |
Screenshot: Mobile devices challenge the traditional video game console

There's a good chance you haven't yet noticed, but the next generation of gaming consoles is upon us: Nintendo's Wii U, which many consumers don't even recognize...

Wasteland 2
Posted by Brendan L. Spengler |
Will Whitmore as the voice of the apocalypse

Wasteland 2 "Ranger" concept art As a working musician, William Elliott Whitmore has become a jack-of-all-trades. In addition to six full-length records and a handful of singles, Whitmore has provided...

Man of Steel
Posted by Pat Brown |
Screenshot: The cutscene effect

My primary object of scorn will be the recent film Man of Steel. Let’s be honest: Video game cutscenes—those moments when control is taken from the user so that story...

Posted by Drew Bulman |
EPX Animation & Gaming Con to feature industry pros

The video game industry is a diverse network of creative, design-oriented professionals whose names resonate with millions of video game fans across the world. For every J.J. Abrams, there is...

Tomb Raider
Posted by Pat Brown |
Screenshot: Thrill of the Hunt

Crystal Dynamics’ new game Tomb Raider (2013) adopts the strategy of the film Star Trek (2009) in using a prequel-cum-reboot to revitalize a franchise that had run out of steam:...

The Cave
Posted by Pablo R. Balbontin |
Ron Gilbert’s The Cave further blurs the line between video games and art

Once upon a time, media were supposed to be mediums, agents for revelation. Aristotle defined classic tragedy as a way to trigger catharsis, while Plato believed in poetry as a...

Posted by Pablo R. Balbontin |
Screenshot: Saving Private Rohrer

At the 2009 Game Developers’ eXchange (GDX), indie developer Jason Rohrer gave a unique talk that you should definitely check out on YouTube, whether you are into video games or...

Posted by Pablo R. Balbontin |
Screenshot: Welcome to the New Dungeon

Repeat after me: Gary Gygax. Again: Gary Gygax. If you know who Gygax is, you’re probably smiling; if not, here’s a clue: Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), the fantasy role-playing game...

Posted by Pablo R. Balbontin |
Screenshot: Level Up

Donkey Kong was the first game that incorporated the rules of mainstream fiction into gameplay. 1981 was the year of the cyborg. Three year’s before Gibson’s Neuromancer, at that moment,...