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Tonya Kehoe

Posted by Matthew Steele | Jul 8, 2014

This June, Iowa City filmmaker Jason Smith invited photographers Sandra L. Dyas, Dawn Frary, Tonya Kehoe and Barry Phipps to produce portraits in the studio...

Posted by Tonya Kehoe | Oct 9, 2013

Registered graffiti artist in Venice Beach knows the score. Hoodies are where it's at. -- photo by Tonya Kehoe, Los Angeles 2013Now that we are heading into cooler days this...

Posted by Tonya Kehoe | Sep 26, 2013

Wearing objects believed to possess magical, auspicious, or protective powers is hardly a new trend as ancient cultures of all kinds are known to have crafted and worn such items....

Style Points
Posted by Tonya Kehoe | Sep 18, 2013

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Sheila of Revival about a trend that we are seeing (technically, continuing to see) this fall: the High/Low hem, a.k.a. "mullet skirt."...

Style Points
Posted by Tonya Kehoe | Sep 11, 2013

Let me bottom-line something to you. You need to test-drive a scarf if you're not already into them. Do you see other people successfully wearing scarves and wish you could...