Sustainable Iowa Land Trust

Posted by Lauren Shotwell |
SILT, Awful Purdies collaborate on music video to raise awareness of loss of farmland

With the release of a music video to the song “Common Ground” by the Awful Purdies, the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (SILT) is hoping to raise awareness about the ongoing...

Posted by Paul Brennan |
A local conflict over sustainable farming and zoning goes viral

Grant Schultz says the farm he runs could be a new model for local agriculture is he can change how it's zoned. The farm's owner are worried he wants to...

Posted by Adam Burke |
Iowa farmer sells land to sustainable farming non-profit

Photo by Steve p2008 Instead of selling their land to the highest bidder, Joe and Susan Driscoll, of Honey Creek, Iowa, decided to set it aside for a non-profit teaching...