Susan Mims

Posted by Letters | Nov 4, 2017

I would like to express my complete and enthusiastic support to re-elect Susan Mims in the Nov. 7 City Council election.

Posted by Letters | Nov 3, 2017

No one works harder than Susan Mims. She plays an under appreciated and indispensable role on the city council -- progressive on the issues, yet watchful over our tax dollars...

Posted by Paul Brennan | Nov 2, 2017

Susan Mims’ eight years of experience on the Iowa City Council is evident as speaks about the issues. Mims can cite 15-point plans the council has adopted and weigh the...

Posted by Letters | Oct 26, 2017

I am writing in support of Susan Mims for Iowa City Council. I value city council members who are smart, well prepared, open minded and compassionate. Susan exemplifies these attributes.

Posted by Letters | Oct 24, 2017

Sometimes a community gets lucky. A candidate for city council steps forward who is the right person, at the right time for the right job. And for Iowa City, we...

Posted by Letters | Oct 23, 2017

Iowa City should reelect Susan Mims for city council. Susan has been a tireless advocate for progressive policies focused on environmental sustainability and empowering Iowa City’s most vulnerable residents.

Posted by Letters | Oct 20, 2017

Service. Dedication. Integrity. All of these words describe Susan Mims and her two decades of work on behalf of our community.

Posted by Lauren Shotwell | Mar 9, 2017

Iowa City council member Susan Mims, who is completing her second term on the city council, announced her decision to run for re-election in November as the representative of District...