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Posted by Genevieve Trainor | Aug 12, 2017

A rally will be held this evening on the University of Iowa Pentacrest in solidarity with the anti-racist activists and people of color in Charlottesville, Virginia. It is set to...

Posted by Eleanore Taft | May 15, 2017

Ready to take action to build the community, state and nation you want, but not sure what to do next? Here are some opportunities for political activism this week. Dr...

Posted by Baynard Woods | May 5, 2017

A crowd gathers at Trump's Harrisburg rally April 29, 2017. -- photo courtesy of Baynard Woods It’s hard to know what to make of these post-election Trump rallies. The latest...

Posted by Zak Neumann | Mar 27, 2017

A large crowd gathered on Sunday, March 26 at the Mother Mosque of America to show support for Muslims in Iowa and throughout the United States. The Mother Mosque was...