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Posted by Carly Matthew | Sep 5, 2017

Jane Elliott, 85, has spoken out against racism since April 5, 1968, the day after Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination in Memphis, Tennessee. Elliott worked as a third grade teacher...

Posted by Paul Brennan | Aug 19, 2017

The nine people at Jeff Pierce’s Renovation Carpentry booth at the Iowa City Farmers Market on Saturday morning weren’t there to buy anything. They were there to protest statements Pierce...

Posted by Paul Brennan | Jul 19, 2017

A new West Des Moines breakfast cafe will open next month, but without the racist-sounding name that caused a furor on social media.

Posted by Letters | Jun 6, 2017

Send your letters to By Audrey Keith Yes, racism happens in liberal Johnson County. On April 6, an employee of Coralville Petco used a racial slur against Chelsey Montgomery...

Posted by Kelli Ebensberger | Nov 10, 2016

The Old Capitol -- photo by Shannon Early Wednesday morning the University of Iowa Housing & Dining staff was notified of a racist remark written on a student's door at...

942 Iowa Avenue
Posted by Matthew Byrd | Feb 3, 2016

The state of Iowa has a well-worn reputation for racial progressivism. As any left-of-center, Iowa-centric political group will remind you, Iowa has long been ahead of the game on legislative...

Yik Yak
Posted by JoJo Baccam | Oct 23, 2015

Yik Yak is being used as a platform to propagate anti-Asian and racist messages about University of Iowa students. -- photo by JoJo Baccam Masked by pseudonyms and anonymity, social...

Posted by Adam Burke | Sep 15, 2015

History doesn’t always repeat itself, but sometimes there are frightening echoes. Saturday at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, Iowa, racist supporters of Donald Trump made clear that the memory of...