New designs for the Ped Mall will be unveiled at a public meeting on Thursday

An update on plans for the improvements to Iowa City’s Ped Mall will be presented on Thursday evening at the Sheraton Hotel. The improvements are the next step in the Downtown and Pedestrian Mall Streetscape Plan that was approved by the city council in 2014. […]

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Tell Iowa City who should be honored on a new feature planned for the Ped Mall

Iowa City wants to know who its most prominent citizens are. Or were. And it wants to know by Nov. 1. As part of the Ped Mall improvement project, two walls will be installed to hide utility cabinets and transformers from public view. In addition to hiding ungainly bits of infrastructure, those walls are supposed to tell “the story of Iowa City.” […]

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Banh Mi Amor brings specialty sandwiches to Iowa City Ped Mall

A new food cart has popped up on the late night scene downtown. Banh Mi Amor — operated and owned by Davenport restaurateur Greg Millsap — has set up shop on the Ped Mall, offering a choice of chicken or pulled pork banh mi sandwiches. Mills owns both a restaurant and food cart in Davenport […]

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Catch ice sculptures in progress on the Ped Mall this afternoon

This week’s freezing temps may have Iowans bundling up, but conditions couldn’t be better for the Winter Weatherdance, a public art project that launches today on the Ped Mall. Architecture firm OPN is collaborating with UI art students to create what OPN calls “surreal, paper-thin, inhabitable ice sculptures” across the Ped Mall. The project brings […]

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UR Here: The place is what’s Important

UR Here

“If you build it, they will come” is baloney. Perhaps it’s heresy to question a platitude from one of Iowa’s sacred texts. But the ghostly voice from the cornfield seems to be whispering in a lot of ears as major changes loom for Iowa City’s downtown and near-downtown area. We have a new Downtown and […]

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Unveiling of Ped Mall art installation set for Thursday at FilmScene

This Thursday at FilmScene at 5:30 p.m., the City of Iowa City is inviting members of the public to catch an early glimpse of a new public art project set for installation in the Ped Mall’s Black Hawk Mini Park in 2017. The art installation, developed by internationally known artist and architect Cecil Balmond of […]

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Take a peek at the potential future of downtown IC

Downtown Iowa City concepts

It’s no secret that the City of Iowa City is planning big changes to downtown’s aesthetic. For the last few months, city officials have been reaching out to the community for feedback on a bevy of concepts that may or may not make it into the final construction itinerary. We are inching closer inching closer […]

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UR Here: Open Spaces

In the days when prairies stretched from river to river across the expanse of what we now call Iowa, bison disturbance was essential to the health of the ecosystem. As the herds thundered across the grasslands and created wallows—depressions in the ground in which the animals rolled to cover themselves in mud and dirt—like a […]

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