Democracy in Crisis: Memo hysteria and a Baltimore corruption trial highlight the state of law enforcement in 2018

The national media was largely silent about the vast police misconduct revealed in the Baltimore trial, even though they dovetailed in some uncomfortable ways with the Memo Watch hysteria. […]

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Democracy in Crisis: Fire and ‘Fire and Fury’

Steve Bannon is the antihero of Fire and Fury, Michael Wolff’s ribald and riveting account of the early days of the Trump regime. Even if you read the bestseller with a grain of salt, it’s clear Trump, Bannon and his motley crew of enablers all believed the American people would never elect President Trump. […]

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Opinion: Reach out to Iowa legislators in support of the Iowa Cultural Trust

Today, perhaps as early as 1 p.m., the Iowa House will be considering HF 118, a financing bill that proposes cutting funding to many arts initiatives in this state, including the Iowa Cultural Trust. The threat to the Iowa Cultural Trust is something that affects all Iowans who have an interest in the culture of […]

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Op-ed: Non-partisan group The Political Party aims to ‘cultivate new leaders’ via event series

Ped Mall

By Misty Rebik and Ravi Patel As a business leader and a non-profit leader, we have different areas of expertise and focus, but we both look around our community and see so many overlapping social issues that affect our own lives, the lives of those around us and the future lives of our community. We […]

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Opinion: Those who experience gender-based violence deserve our support

Iowa City Public Library

International Anti-Street Harassment Week is an opportunity to raise awareness and protest the gender-based violence that occurs in our communities year-round. This year, in addition to a chalk-the-walk, op-ed writer’s workshop, several community-wide art projects and a concert/bystander intervention training, End Street Harassment – Iowa City has organized a support group where victims of harassment […]

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Opinion: Expanding legal gun use for minors isn’t Iowa Nice, it’s Iowa Insanity

I try to see things from the other perspective. Even though I don’t agree with — nor do statistics bear out — the need for handguns in homes, I believe I have some understanding of what motivates gun owners. They want protection. They want to feel power in a world that sometimes makes us feel […]

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Opinion: Public contribution to The Lens makes sense

While single, I framed a picture of Johnny Cash — an insert from an old record — and hung it in my living room. Later, I got married. My wife and I bought a house. We had different opinions on where (or if, in my wife’s view) we should hang this piece in our new […]

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Opinion: ICCSD schedule changes will require adjustments

On Tuesday night, the Iowa City School Board made a final decision about the new bell schedule for the next school year. Elementary schools will now run from 7:55 a.m.-2:55 p.m., and the junior high and high schools will run from 8:50 a.m.-4 p.m. From what I’ve read on social media, pretty much no one […]

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Opinion: UI student-athletes abused privilege standing with Trump

I wanted to be proud of the University of Iowa. When I heard that Donald Trump would be coming to Iowa City, I hoped to see a united front. I hoped to see students, faculty and community members come together to stand up against this candidate’s hateful rhetoric. I hoped to see peaceful protestors accorded […]

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Your Town Now: Repeal the Drug Tax Stamp law

Your Town Now

Iowa has a law that intends to make drug users plead guilty to a lesser charge or suffer the consequences of prison and a large fine: the Drug Tax Stamp law (DTS), Chapter 453B Code of Iowa. Enacted in 1990, the DTS specifically addresses illegal drugs; all substances legally obtained and sold are exempted, so […]

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