Letter to the editor: Mayors to state legislators: Our communities depend on the $3.4 million in backfill payments

Passing the budgetary problem to local governments may be an easy way out for our state’s elected leaders. But make no mistake. Such action will hit close to home, not just in our three cities but in cities, counties and schools of all sizes throughout the entire state. […]

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Op-Ed: West High women are taking their power back

“Boys will be boys” is a phrase that gets ingrained in everyone’s head from a young age. However, not once in my life have I heard the phrase “girls will be girls.” I came face-to-face with this realization a few weeks ago when something circulated my high school that would change the community forever. […]

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Op-Ed: Hawkeyes lineman’s toughest opponent is depression

By Sean Welsh My name is Sean Welsh and I’m an offensive lineman for the Iowa Hawkeyes. On Saturdays in the fall I live life in the trenches at Kinnick Stadium and other venues across the Big Ten. Each week, in front of 70,000 or more cheering football fans, I have the privilege of wearing […]

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