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Posted by Kembrew McLeod |
DJ Spooky’s ‘Explorer I Remix’, featuring sounds made by Van Allen radiation belts, will premiere at Witching Hour

DJ Spooky's new Explorer I Remix emerged from a collaboration between this visiting artist and a group of University of Iowa scientists, musicians, librarians and archivists. It will celebrate the...

Posted by Lauren Shotwell |
Updated: Satellite Marches for Science spring up across Iowa in support of the national march

This Earth Day, April 22, people are taking a stand to defend science and evidence-based policy with a March for Science. In addition to the march planned on the National...

Posted by Taylor Carlile |
UI professors conducting ocean research…in space!

Technology developed at the University of Iowa will make a 365 million mile voyage in the early 2020s, according to RFGlobalNet. The mission? A search for possible life-sustaining environments on...

Posted by Heidi McKinley |
An IC man’s journey to research high-powered robots

Michael Webb grew up in Iowa City where he cultivated a fascination with all things DIY. That’s why, when he submitted his resume to Stone Aerospace last year, it was...