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Posted by Little Village |
The best and worst of 2017

Last year's Dumpster fire has spread to the landfill. But there were some good parts. Little Village contributors weigh in on the highs and lows of 2017.

Posted by Kent Williams |
Iowa City band Aseethe is taking its minimalist metal sound back on tour

Aseethe, the Iowa City band made up of Brian Barr and Eric Dierks, has been kicking around the Midwest heavy music scene for a few years now, with an evolving...

Posted by Genevieve Trainor |
Support the ACLU and local music this Friday

The music site Bandcamp announced this week that on Friday, Feb. 3, it would be donating its share of all proceeds to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). In a...

Posted by Kembrew McLeod |
Album Reviews: Younger – Self-titled

The self-titled debut by Iowa City trio Younger nicely balances intricate arrangements with more hooks than a box full of fishing tackle. Many of their songs contain verse-chorus-verse-defying breakdowns and...

Mirror Coat - Whispers
Posted by Michael Roeder |
Album Review: Mirror Coat – Whispers

“Shoegaze” was the genre of a group of late ‘80s and early ‘90s bands primarily from the U.K. who shared a common musical esthetic. Part Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound”...

Posted by Little Village |
Listen up: Younger premiere “Like A Wave,” the first single from debut LP

Iowa City rock band Younger, featuring local indie veterans Amanda Crosby, Rachel Sauter and Sarah Mannix (from Emperors Club, The Wandering Bears and others) are preparing for the release of...

Posted by Kent Williams |
Album Review: Milk Duct Tape – Styrofoam Tombstone

KFMH (99 Plus!) out of Muscatine was the default radio station for a lot of Iowa blue-collar rockers back in the day; it was hippy-dippy enough for Deadheads, hard enough...

Posted by Justin LeDuc |
Album Review: Ritmocano – Familia

Latin jazz collective Ritmocano is an all-star lineup of the Iowa jazz community, headed by percussionist and one of my former UI instructors, James Dreier. On Familia, Ritmocano’s most recent...

Volcano Boys
Posted by Michael Roeder |
Album Review: Volcano Boys – Self-titled

On paper, Volcano Boys looks like another project from the prolific Jordan Mayland (Jordan Mayland and the Thermal Detonators, Keepers of the Carpet, Nuclear Rodeo, Electronidoll and Tires), who is...

Posted by Kent Williams |
Album Review: Cuticle – Mind Holding Pattern

Techno originated in Belleville, Mich., and was invented by middle-class black teenagers with ties to Detroit. Techno brought together the influences of disco, James Brown and Parliament-Funkadelic and combined them...

Peas and Carrots
Posted by Michael Roeder |
Album Review: Peas and Carrot – Big Girl Shoes

When Iowa Public Radio asked Peas and Carrot lead singer and guitarist Audrey Robinson who her vocal influences were during a recent in-studio interview, she snapped back, “NOT Janis Joplin!”...

Posted by Kent Williams |
Album Review: Unknown Component – Arbitrary Ambiguity

Keith Lynch (a.k.a. Unknown Component) doesn’t have a band—he produces his music at home and plays all the parts. He uses a group name, though it’s just him. And while...

Sam Locke Ward's The Great American Cattle Barons
Posted by Kent Williams |
Album Review: The Great American Cattle Barons – Lavish Lies of the Holy Corpse

The Great American Cattle Barons is actually yet another ‘band’ instigated by Iowa City’s profligate purveyor of bummer rock, Samuel Locke Ward, this time...

Foul Tip
Posted by John Schlotfelt |
Album Review: Foul Tip – Heaven Now

Reviewing the latest EP from Foul Tip is, well, sort of a challenge. The duo’s second release, Heaven Now, has a bit of an identity crisis. Four of the cuts...