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Local Album Review

Posted by Nate Logsdon |
Album Review: Samuel Locke Ward — Radio Icarus Noise Buffet

We’re now over 50 albums deep into the career of Iowa City’s home-studio legend Samuel Locke Ward. He is, as they say, prolific. But the scale of his output wouldn’t...

Posted by Genevieve Trainor |
Album Review: Ryan Phelan — Memories

Cedar Rapids musician Ryan Phelan has been a mainstay on the close-knit music scene there for years, from beloved jam band Dr. Z’s Experiment to fresh effort Young the Lion....

Posted by Kent Williams |
Album Review: Selec — Teleph and homemade sin

To release two EPs under two different names within a few months of each other suggests Clancy Clark -- aka Selec, aka Clarence Johnson -- has been busy. According to...

Posted by Michael Roeder |
Album Review: Gloom Balloon — Drying the Eyes of the Goddess of Gloom, Underneath the Stars and the Moon

The songs on Des Moines band/project Gloom Balloon’s sophomore album were inspired by life-changing events of falling in love and the birth of Patrick Tape Fleming’s son Nilsson (who makes...

Posted by Michael Roeder |
Album Review: Har-di-Har — we will will you

'we will will you' isn’t about Julie and Andrew Thoreen's separation as couple and band but rather the subtly uncharted part where they consider coming back from it. The band...

Posted by Kent Williams |
Album Review: Rust Belt Union — Impromptu Musicals for the Skeptic

Trust a joker like Matthew James to open Impromptu Musicals For the Skeptic, his album with the Rust Belt Union, with a song titled “Goodbye.” Like Groucho Marx’s song “Hello,...

Posted by Nate Logsdon |
Album Review: Ramona and the Sometimes — Negative Space Is a Positive Thing

Ramona Muse Lambert — a visual artist, designer and teacher in addition to her notable performance art, music and emceeing career — is singer and songwriter for Ramona and the...

Posted by Nate Logsdon |
Album Review: Pants OFF! podcast — Mixtape Vol. 1

One of the joys of the podcast format is that it opens up the role of producer to anyone with a recording device and the internet, allowing for extremely specific...