Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Lake MacBride
Posted by Paul Brennan |
Iowa environmentalists scored a victory for water quality as 2017 ended

Last year saw many setbacks for environmentalists as President Trump and Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), took charge of the federal government’s environmental policy. But...

Posted by Adam Burke |
Joni Ernst’s bill looks to regulate federal regulators in defense of ‘job creators’

Joni Ernst campaigning with Sen. Rand Paul in Iowa City -- photo by Adam Burke The Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee has approved a bill written by Sen. Joni...

Posted by Drew Bulman |
Iowa experiences driest first quarter in decades, flooding expected to remain within ‘normal’ levels

Iowa has had an unusually dry first quarter, according to a water summary update released last week by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources...