Jimmy Jack’s Rib Shack opens in downtown Iowa City

Jimmy Jacks

The Old Capitol Mall is has a new joint for old school barbecue. Named the Best Barbecue for 2015, Jimmy Jack’s Rib Shack is open for business in downtown Iowa City. The new location is bringing elegant features like light faux wood tile walls and high-back booths to a casual framework — counter service and […]

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Jamba Juice and Bruegger’s Bagels open today in Iowa City

Today’s grand opening of the new Iowa City Jamba Juice and Bruegger’s Bagels joint location on Riverside Drive drew in roughly 350 people during the first four hours of business. A line of customers went from the cash register to the door and the outside of the bakery was festooned with bagel-shaped balloons. McKenzie Jerman, […]

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Iowans to bike in RadTour Bike Ride for farm-to-table food

RadTour Bike Ride New Pioneer Co-op — Sunday, Sept. 18 at 8 a.m. On Sunday, Sept. 18, RadTour LLC will bring RadTour Bike Ride (formerly known as Culinary Ride) back to Iowa City for a 37-mile harvest bicycle ride that perfectly exemplifies what’s most magical about Iowa: community, bicycles and farm-to-table values. Riders will gather […]

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LV Recommends: Le Gourmet

By Ashley Chong I went over the phrases I would say in Korean, double-checking for any blatant errors in how I addressed the owner or how I pronounced the words. But when it was my turn to order, my carefully constructed phrases were instantly replaced with nostalgia when I suddenly noticed the row of pastries […]

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LV Recommends: Dumpling Darling

Dumplings — adorably bite­-sized pockets of dough packed with various fillings — excel in convenience. At Dumpling Darling on Dubuque Street in Iowa City (their brick and mortar location shared with Pops Old n’ New BBQ), an order of Korean-­style dumplings is steamed and ready to eat in about five minutes or less. But the […]

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LV Recommends: Sun Café

Sun Cafe

Recently, my good friend suggested we venture away from downtown to find some good Vietnamese fare. Always the connoisseur of all cuisine, I trusted him. Sun Café (1681 S 1st Ave., Iowa City) didn’t disappoint. The first thing I noticed was the display of perfectly ­roasted hanging ducks in the rotisserie case. Recently, there has […]

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Local and real foods short film fest Sunday at FilmScene

Real Food Films contest finalists FilmScene — Sunday, June 5, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Finalists from the 2016 Real Foods Films Contest, chosen from 160 entries and all under four minutes, will be screened on Sunday at FilmScene in Iowa City. The program, A Real Food For All Pop-Up Film Festival, presented by Local Foods Connection […]

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Metamorphoses: Givanni’s to become El Patrón Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar

When the Etre Restaurant Group closed the doors of Givanni’s Italian-American in the Ped Mall, it was unclear what the future would entail for the space. Though rumors abounded, all mysteries were dispelled this week when the former Givanni’s space displayed a sign for El Patrón Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar. An official website has […]

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LV Recommends: Bashu’s twice-cooked pork

Photo by Adam Burke

We sat down to lunch at the newly opened traditional Chinese restaurant Bashu. The waitress brought us a pot of oolong and my buddy, a native Iowan, said, “How do you know if somebody is from New York?” “I don’t know, how?” I said, pouring him some tea. “Oh, don’t worry,” he said. “They always […]

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LV Recommends: Iowa City Brewlab

Located just outside the heart of downtown, Iowa City Brewlab has a spacious and inviting taproom that serves a continuous rotation of excellent guest taps and beers brewed on-site — individual batches of which often run out in less than a month. With its ever-changing line-up, our recommendation this month is to stop by the […]

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