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Iowa City Council

Posted by Paul Brennan | Oct 17, 2017

The Iowa City Council will vote on a proposed ordinance banning the use of tobacco products in city parks at its Tuesday night meeting. In addition to prohibiting smoking, the...

Posted by Paul Brennan | Oct 2, 2017

At its Tuesday meeting, the Iowa City Council is expected to approve a new city ordinance that would allow tenants to without rent in certain cases

Posted by Emma Husar | Jul 24, 2017

The Black Hawk Mini Park in downtown Iowa City will host a temporary art installation called the Prairie Box designed by Hannah Givler, a sculpture and design instructor at the...

Posted by Paul Brennan | Jul 21, 2017

The Iowa City Downtown District Nighttime Mayor Angela Winnike is running for city council. “I love Iowa City, and I want to disrupt it a little,” Winnicke told Little Village.

Posted by Emma Husar | Jul 20, 2017

City officials hope to focus on making biking more accessible to all Iowa City residents as a part of the bicycle master plan -- an effort to make the city...

Posted by Emma Husar | Jun 22, 2017

Two construction projects are planned for Iowa City parks: one to renovate the cabins in City Park, and another to replace a shelter and restrooms in Happy Hollow Park.

Posted by Emma Husar | Jun 22, 2017

Asthma and other health issues are disproportionately high in Iowa City’s low-income neighborhoods, an issue the city is working to address through an ongoing grant project.

Posted by Emma Husar | Jun 19, 2017

Kingsley Botchway kicked off his campaign for reelection to his at-large Iowa City Council seat with an event at Big Grove Brewery and Taproom last Friday. As people gathered in...

Posted by Eleanore Taft | Jun 9, 2017

The Johnson County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution Thursday, June 8 committing to honor the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change from which President Donald Trump recently...

Posted by Emma Husar | Jun 9, 2017

New rental and building permits for some areas of Iowa City will be put on hold following the passage of a six-and-a-half-month moratorium during a special meeting Thursday morning. The...

Posted by Emma Husar | Jun 7, 2017

The Iowa City Council approved funding amounting to nearly $3 million for the first phase of the Riverfront Crossings Park during its Tuesday, June 6 meeting.

Posted by Emma Husar | May 8, 2017

Iowa City's Northside neighborhood might see a new, taller addition to the landscape if the Iowa City Council goes forward with a zoning change that would eliminate current parking requirements...

Posted by Emma Husar | Apr 20, 2017

The Iowa City Police Department is working to foster trust and improve relationships with the community by addressing racial profiling and bridging the gap between police officers and minorities, Iowa...

Posted by Eleanore Taft | Apr 19, 2017

Photo by owlpacino Governor Terry Branstad signed legislation Monday that moves Iowa's OWI enforcement process away from incarceration, and the Iowa City Council reduced open container regulations for special events....

Posted by Eleanore Taft | Mar 30, 2017

Soak up the alcohol after a night on the town and enjoy some local flavor from up to six food trucks at the Robert A. Lee Recreation Center on Friday...

Posted by Emma Husar | Mar 23, 2017

Iowa city council members discussed ways to make Iowa City greener -- including moving forward with a climate action steering committee, making the city more bicycle friendly and making it...