2018 Iowa caucuses will be held on Monday night

Normally, Iowa caucuses during years without a presidential race are sedate, even dull, affairs focused on party policy issues and selecting local party leaders. But thanks to a crowded field for the Democratic Party nomination for governor some of this year’s caucuses may prove to be more lively and more important than normal. […]

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UI student organizer who became Obama staffer publishes oral history on ’08 Caucuses

In 2007, University of Iowa student Chris Liddell-Westefeld co-founded Iowa Students for Barack Obama. Today, the 10th anniversary of Obama’s win in the Iowa Caucuses, Liddell-Westefeld published outtakes from those interviews with Crooked Media. […]

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IC local who threw tomatoes at Trump gets invitations to eat with errybody

Following his arrest for throwing a tomato at Donald Trump during a rally in Iowa City last week, Andrew Alemao — Andres, Dre, An Mao, Ahmed — earned instant internet-hero status, and now an invitation to eat dinner with damn near errybody: Follow the original thread via @ellxsig on Twitter: […]

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Surprises predicted at big GOP caucus night

Jeff Kaufmann, the chair of the Iowa GOP, predicted a “surprise” or two on caucus night. Instead of the traditional three tickets out of Iowa, Kaufmann said in an interview on Monday that there could be as many as five candidates gaining some momentum in Iowa. “We may have a surprise in third that of […]

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Meet Clarabelle, the Iowa City dog who’s met ten presidential candidates

Every election cycle has its heroes: those characters who emerge from our nation’s folds to push the political conversation. If 2008 had Joe the Plumber and 2012 brought us entire binders full of women, in 2016 we are lucky enough to have Clarabelle the Dog, an Iowa City resident who’s already met ten presidential candidates […]

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2016 Iowa caucuses: You’ve got questions, the League of Women Voters has answers

Iowa City Public Library

Caucusing 101 Iowa City Public Library — Sunday, Jan. 24 at 2 p.m. Confused about how the Iowa caucuses work? You’re not alone. In fact, the nuance of Iowa’s caucusing process is part of the reason we’re “first in the nation” in the first place — a kind of happy accident (for Iowans, at least) […]

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New poll shows Sanders ahead of Clinton in Iowa

Bernie Sanders

With less than a month until the Iowa Caucuses, a poll released Monday by the American Research Group (ARG) shows Sen. Bernie Sanders edging out former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by three points in Iowa. ARG interviewed 400 Iowans by telephone from Jan. 6-10 to complete the survey, which includes a five percent margin […]

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Clinton focuses on economic issues during Iowa City visit

Hillary Clinton

With just 47 days left until the Iowa Caucuses, Hillary Clinton visited Iowa City Wednesday to rally her supporters, bring them some holiday cheer and cement her lead (she currently leads Sanders by 11 percentage points in the Hawkeye State). While taking questions from the audience in a town hall-style forum, Clinton criticized the field […]

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Katy Perry to rally for Hillary Clinton in Des Moines

Who: Katy Perry, California Gurl What: You’re gonna hear her roar … at a rally for Hillary Clinton. When: Saturday, October 24 (exact time TBA), before the Iowa Democratic Party’s annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner Where: Downtown Des Moines (exact location TBA) Why: Because Madeline Albright is busy. Because somehow, maybe, feminism? Because you gotta reach millennials […]

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Madeleine Albright to visit Iowa next week in support of Hillary Clinton

Madeleine Albright, the first woman to become U.S. Secretary of State and a 2012 recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, will make three stops in Iowa next week in support of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The Czechoslovakian-born diplomat, known for her uncanny ability to smash glass ceilings into a thousand tiny pieces (not to […]

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Former congressman J. C. Watts tours Iowa for Rand Paul

When former Oklahoma Rep. J. C. Watts toured Iowa last week in support of Rand Paul, the Republican spoke plainly about Paul’s tax plan. “We don’t need more taxes, we need more taxpayers,” he said, speaking to a crowd at the Airliner in Iowa City.   While in town, Watts spoke at length about Paul’s […]

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