Iowa Agriculture

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SILT, Awful Purdies collaborate on music video to raise awareness of loss of farmland

With the release of a music video to the song “Common Ground” by the Awful Purdies, the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (SILT) is hoping to raise awareness about the ongoing...

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‘Good Apples’ details the curious history of apples and challenges facing farmers

Author and Iowa City resident Susan Futrell starts out her book 'Good Apples: Behind Every Bite' with the auction of the oldest commercial apple orchard in Iowa: an orchard outside...

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Iowa’s dwindling bee population is part of a larger, frightening trend

Deep in the belly of the Vermeer Science Center at Central College in Pella, Iowa, cardboard boxes are stacked against the wall in a dimly lit laboratory. The boxes contain...

Iowa's Bird Flu Burden
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Iowa’s bird flu burden: Disposal of more than 25 million birds creates new challenges for health officials

Over 25 million birds at 52 northwest Iowa farms have been, or will soon be euthanized in an attempt to prevent the spread of the H5N2 virus, a highly...

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Farmer Spotlight: An interview with Lois Pavelka and Bill Ellison of Pavelka’s Point Meats

On their small farm nestled between Solon and Mount Vernon, Lois Pavelka and Bill Ellison of Pavelka’s Point Meats have set the local standard for sustainable...