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Posted by Emma McClatchey | Oct 12, 2017

Meet horror movie icons, get a tattoo, embody a zombie. The eighth-annual Halloweenapalooza horror showcase -- taking place in the purportedly haunted Hotel Ottumwa -- is full to the brim...

Posted by Emma McClatchey | Oct 10, 2017

This Friday the 13th, pack your sleeping bag, head to FilmScene and steel yourself for 12 hours of horror.

Posted by Pat Brown | Mar 27, 2015

Writer/Director David Robert Mitchell's It Follows hits many of the notes that are by now (beyond) familiar to horror aficionados -- it is, in part, a good summary of the...

Posted by Matthew Mesaros | Dec 3, 2010

Once in a while we come across a piece of art so outlandish that it defies all our categories; something which brings our neat generalizations up short. Hausu is one...

Posted by Scott Samuelson | May 3, 2010

Talking Movies: May 2010 - It’s always risky making generalizations involving gender. But what’s life without a little risk? Motherhood is the social role most likely to devour a person’s...

Posted by Melody Dworak | Oct 7, 2009

Seeing Zombieland last Friday was quite the treat. Jessie Eisenberg 's Michael Cera impression was spot on, so there were many moments to entertain my twenty-something female disposition. Regardless of...