Posted by Daniel Boscaljon | Sep 7, 2017

The world premiere of Dis/Unity: A Service will occur at the Englert Theatre on Sept. 7-9, with tickets ranging from $10-50. The Thursday and Saturday performances are at 7:30 p.m.;...

Posted by Loren Glass | Jun 21, 2016

Raquel Monroe, Courtney D. Jones and Esther Baker-Tarpaga in Dis/Unity -- photo by Adam BurkeThese United States have never been united. Riven by racism, haunted by homophobia, policed by patriarchy...

Posted by Daniel Boscaljon | Jun 15, 2016

Friday's MusicIC takes place at the Englert; Saturday's Dis/Unity is an Englert co-commission -- archive photo The upcoming week offers an unusually rich trove of aesthetic encounters for the inhabitants...