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Cedar Rapids Live Theatre

Posted by Rob Cline |
Experience the wonder of ‘Annie’ at Theatre Cedar Rapids

By the end of the Theatre Cedar Rapids production of Annie, you may want to adopt Evie Kunz, in the title role, yourself.

Posted by Rob Cline |
‘The Wood Problem’ explores the tension between Grant Wood and the University of Iowa

On Thursday, Nov. 9 at 6 p.m., a portion of The Wood Problem will be presented as a staged reading at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. The reading will...

Posted by Laura Johnson |
‘Pang!’ premiere underscores the connectedness of all of us

Pang! had its world premiere last night at CSPS Hall in the New Bohemia district of Cedar Rapids, and I cannot imagine that one person left this remarkable show unaffected.

Posted by Rob Cline |
CSPS Legion Arts-commissioned ‘Pang!’ premieres in Cedar Rapids, exploring poverty on stage

Pang! CSPS Hall -- Friday, Oct. 20 at 8 p.m. and Saturday, Oct. 21 at 4 and 8 p.m. Legion Arts was the lead commissioner on 'Pang!,' which opens at...

Posted by Rob Cline |
SPT New Play Incubator Series captures honest emotion via beautiful language in ‘Conjure’

At the beginning and end of 'Conjure,' written by area poet and playwright Jennifer Rouse, the all-female cast joins hands and forms a circle, their faces turned inward toward one...

Posted by Rob Cline |
‘Men of Tortuga’ argue action and ethics in Foundry’s taut, fraught inaugural production

Two impressive pillars in the Shores Event Center frame the playing area for 'Men of Tortuga,' the first production of the Foundry Forge, part of a new arts endeavor headed...

Posted by Rob Cline |
The Foundry Forge brings a new theater vision to Cedar Rapids

This week, a new arts organization in Cedar Rapids will stage its first production. The Foundry Performance Laboratory presents Jason Wells’ Men of Tortuga under the banner of the organization’s...

‘Lysistrata’ comes alive at Brucemore

There is an incredible adaptability inherent in theatre and I rejoice inside when I get the opportunity to explore it along with a group of artists and their audience. I...

Posted by Rob Cline |
Hijinks ensue in Revival Theatre Company’s beautiful production of ‘Victor/Victoria’

Revival Theatre Company Presents: Victor/Victoria Dows Fine Art Center at Coe College -- through Sunday, June 4 Nina Swanson as Victoria in Revival Theatre Company's production of 'Victor/Victoria.' -- photo...

Posted by Rob Cline |
‘The Bully Plays’ pack a punch at Theatre Cedar Rapids

The short plays that make up The Bully Plays have all the subtlety of a punch to the gut. In the Theatre Cedar Rapids Grandon Studio under the direction of...

Posted by Rob Cline |
Lindwall, Stewart take flight as Peter and Wendy in Theatre Cedar Rapids’ Peter Pan

The fairy dust does its job in the Theatre Cedar Rapids production of the musical version of 'Peter Pan.' Under the direction of Leslie Charipar, with musical direction by Benjamin...

Posted by Sarah Jarmon |
Pay attention: TCR’s ‘Assassins’ is timely and terrifying

Assassins Theatre Cedar Rapids -- through March 4 It’s no secret that I’m not a Sondheim fan. And while Assassins pushes the boundaries of his typical style with more edge...

TCR’s ‘Next Fall’ is hard and real, unique and touching

Next Fall Theatre Cedar Rapids -- through Jan. 28 John Miersen (L) and Matthew James in Theatre Cedar Rapids' production of 'Next Fall' -- photo by Struttmann Photo Next Fall,...

CROT Brucemore South Pacific
Posted by Genevieve Trainor |
Eastern Iowa sees an explosion of local theatre this weekend

Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre's production of 'South Pacific' runs Thursday through Sunday outdoors at Brucemore Mansion in Cedar Rapids -- photo by James Caldwell Once upon a time, in a...