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2017 elections

Posted by Paul Brennan |
Coping with Trump, replacing Corbett and Iowa City makes history: 2017 in local politics

The year started with reactions to the new Trump administration -- some involving careful city council deliberations, one involving fire -- and such reactions continue throughout 2017. The year also...

Posted by Paul Brennan |
Voters will choose between Vernon and Hart for Cedar Rapids mayor on Tuesday

Voters choosing between Monica Vernon and Brad Hart in Tuesday’s run-off election for mayor of Cedar Rapids will find the candidates have much in common. Both list improving flood protection,...

Posted by Paul Brennan |
The 2017 elections brought a historic win, a surge of write-in votes, a mayoral runoff and more to Johnson and Linn counties

The morning after winning a seat on the Iowa City Council, Mazahir Salih was up early working to support one of the causes she believes in. She testified before the...

Posted by Little Village |
Get out and vote: Iowa City Council candidates vie for District B and two at-large seats

Three candidates are running for two at-large seats and two candidates are running for the District B seat. Polls are open until 8 p.m. in Johnson County. Find your polling...

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Letter to the editor: ‘Vote Hall for sensible use of TIF’

Ryan Hall has a campaigned on a number of issues that I wholeheartedly support: family friendly neighborhoods, strong local foods policy, transparency and a strong local economy, which is essential...

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Letter to the editor: ‘We need Susan’s talent and leadership’ on the Iowa City Council

I would like to express my complete and enthusiastic support to re-elect Susan Mims in the Nov. 7 City Council election.

Posted by Paul Brennan |
‘This is about a movement’: District B candidate Ryan Hall wants to bridge the gap between students and others in Iowa City

University of Iowa undergraduate Ryan Hall said he believes his candidacy for the District B city council seat can help bridge what he sees as a gap between students and...

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Letter to the editor: Susan Mims plays an ‘indispensable role’ on the Iowa City Council

No one works harder than Susan Mims. She plays an under appreciated and indispensable role on the city council -- progressive on the issues, yet watchful over our tax dollars...

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Letter to the editor: Mazahir Salih and Ryan Hall are ‘two dynamic progressive leaders’

Elections are not only about policies of each candidate. Others have identified their progressive platforms. I want to focus on their character.

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Letter to the editor: Iowa City Council candidate Ryan Hall ‘will bridge that gap’ between city and university

Iowa City and the surrounding areas are something of a “company town,” and the “company” is the University of Iowa. They are our lifeblood, and students have always, and will...

Posted by Rob Cline |
Eight candidates vie for the Cedar Rapids mayor’s office in the Nov. 7 election

There are eight candidates vying for mayor of Cedar Rapids, ranging in age from 27 to 71 and representing a variety of backgrounds and professions. Here’s a brief look at...

Posted by Paul Brennan |
Susan Mims wants to bring her experience as a member of the Iowa City Council to District B

Susan Mims’ eight years of experience on the Iowa City Council is evident as speaks about the issues. Mims can cite 15-point plans the council has adopted and weigh the...

Posted by Emma Husar |
‘It is more about empowering people’: Iowa City Council candidate Kingsley Botchway II hopes to continue making Iowa City a home for everyone

Iowa City Council member Kingsley Botchway II, who is currently serving in an at-large seat as mayor pro-tem, is running for re-election in the Nov. 7 election emphasizing the issues...