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Letter to the editor: Susan Mims is ‘a strong leader who deserves Iowa City’s continued support’

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Susan Mims — Still by Jason Smith

By Catherine Champion

Susan Mims is a leader we need in Iowa City.

As an Iowa City native, small business owner and long-time advocate for our downtown, I have witnessed a lot of what helps or harms our community coming out of local government. As an attentive observer of our city council, I have seen Susan Mims’ work up close. I know Susan works actively to ensure Iowa City is thriving.

We need city councilors who take the time to educate themselves and to hear a variety of perspectives. Susan does this. She is able to integrate her own life experiences as well as her constituents’ input in order to find sustainable policy solutions to benefit all of Iowa City.

Susan is reliable and steadfast. She has forged a path for Iowa City’s policies that encourage responsible growth and enhance quality of life. She supports local businesses while focusing on keeping community resources in our community. Susan’s service on the Economic Development Committee has shown that she supports energy conservation, arts and culture, and affordable housing.

I have seen what it takes to be a good city councilor: integrity, empathy, pragmatism and stamina. Susan is a woman with all of these. She is a strong leader who deserves Iowa City’s continued support.

Vote on or before Nov. 7 for Susan Mims for Iowa City’s City Council District B seat.

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