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Iowa City announces start of annual leaf removal program

Posted by Paul Brennan | Oct 6, 2017 | Community/News
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Zone map for the 2017 Iowa City leaf removal program (click for full-size image). — map courtesy of the Iowa City Department of Public Works

Iowa City released the schedule for the start of this year’s leaf removal program on Friday. Crews will began collecting leaves on Monday, Oct. 16. The Public Works Department divides the city into seven zones for the program, which is scheduled to end on Nov. 22. One-way streets may have a different collection schedule than other streets in a zone.

According to the Public Works Department, the first week’s collection schedule is:

Monday, Oct. 16 – Entering Zones #5 & #6
Tuesday, Oct. 17 – Completing Zones #5 & #6 + Entering Zone #7
Wednesday, Oct. 18 – Completing Zone #7 + Entering Zone #1
Thursday, Oct. 19 – Completing Zone #1 + Entering Zone #2
Friday, Oct. 20 – Completing Zone #2 + Entering Zone #3

The schedule for each subsequent week will be posted on the department’s website, prior to the start of that week.

Because the city uses a leaf vacuum to collect leaves residents need to pile their unbagged leaves on the right-of-way by the street. Parking may also be limited on some streets, to allow crews to reach the leaves. Residents can contact the city for a temporary No Parking signs in order to create space in front of their property for leaf removal.

To facilitate vacuuming, the city requests that residents rake their leaves in piles.

More information about the program is available on the Public Work Department’s website or by calling 319-356-5181.

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