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Green Gravel announces Eddie Pepitone, Josh Androsky and Brandie Posey for its 2015 festival

Posted by Erin Tiesman | Dec 5, 2014 | Arts & Entertainment
Eddie Pepitone -- photo courtesy of Green Gravel

Green Gravel announced today that comedians Eddie Pepitone, Josh Androsky and Brandie Posey will be featured in the 2015 Green Gravel Comedy festival, set for February 2015 in Iowa City.

Eddie Pepitone, veteran New York comedian and WTF with Marc Maron podcast regular, will be headlining the festival. Pepitone has performed on Conan and Last Comic Standing, has done guest spots on The Sarah Silverman Program, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Chappelle’s Show, and was featured in the 2012 documentary The Bitter Buddha. Earlier this year Pepitone released the comedy special In Ruins on Netflix.

Green Gravel Comedy Festival organizer Lee Keeler said Pepitone is a “warrior” in the realm of Iowa’s political battleground.

Eddie Pepitone comes to the Green Gravel Comedy Festival in Feb 2015 — photo courtesy of Green Gravel

“His perspectives on politics, the internet, the economy and America as a machine are just the kind of twisted, genius material that we are confident Green Gravel audiences will enjoy,” Keeler said, adding that Pepitone’s performance is “bombastic and brutally honest.”

“After you walk out of one of Pepitone’s shows, you don’t quite see things the same way,” he said.

Green Gravel will also feature a number of innovative alternative comedy acts, many of which are based in Los Angeles’s alternative comedy scene.

Josh Androsky will perform stand up at the Green Gravel Comedy Festival -- photo courtesy of Green Gravel

Josh Androsky will perform stand up at the Green Gravel Comedy Festival — photo courtesy of Green Gravel

L.A.’s Josh Androsky is set to perform stand-up for the festival, a comedian perhaps best known for his appearance as a “skateboard rabbi” on the Price is Right while intoxicated on mushrooms (an incident he described at length in this year’s “I am So High” episode of This American Life. In addition to living life to the fullest, Androsky writers for Vice and Time Out Los Angeles.

Also hailing from L.A., Brandie Posey brings Picture This! to Iowa for the first time, a popular animation/stand-up combo show that’s been featured at SF Sketchfest, among other comedy festivals. Iowa native and L.A. transplant Andy Sell will also be performing at Green Gravel.

“These artists are dynamic — Brandie Posey’s show Picture This! takes visual form as you’re watching it — that’s insane,” Keeler said. “[Chicago comedian] Ian Abramson’s show 7 Minutes in Purgatory puts the comedian in a separate room from the audience and they have to perform on sheer instinct. We’re hoping that this brings the Iowa comedy scene into further prominence in terms of the national comedy map.”

Keeler said there will be many opportunities for local talent to get on stage at the festival, and the Green Gravel team is currently accepting submissions for the month of December. Keeler suggests that there will also be room for expansion to other venues as Green Gravel sets up shows throughout Iowa City.

“Our aim for the vibe at Green Gravel is to remind you of why you need to be supporting local voices year-round,” Keeler said. “Their talent is remarkable, and to be able to see them grow as performers is a gift.”


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