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Get ready to pay for parking on Sundays at the Court Street ramp

Posted by Paul Brennan | Sep 29, 2017 | Community/News, Features
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The Court Street Transportation Center, Friday, Sept. 29, 2017. — photo by Zak Neumann

Be prepared to pay if you park in the ramp at the Court Street Transportation Center regardless of what day it is. Starting Oct. 1, the exit gates will be lowered, ending the practice of parking for free on Sundays that started when the ramp opened in 2005.

People were always supposed to pay on Sundays, just like they do at the city’s other parking ramps, according to Iowa City Interim Transit Director Mark Rummel. It’s just that the city wasn’t enforcing it.

“Even if you were parking in the ramp on Sunday, you had to pull a ticket,” Rummel said. “It’s just that the gate was up, so people could just drive out without paying.”

Increased demand for parking south of Burlington Street downtown is the reason for the change, according to Rummel. He cited the new commercial spaces and apartments in the area, and the new Hilton Garden Inn Hotel that is scheduled to open next week.

The Court Street Transportation Center is one of two automated parking ramps in Iowa City. Rummel said there are currently no plans to enforce parking fees at the other automated ramp, Chauncey Swan.

The first hour at Iowa City parking ramps is free, and the charge for each additional hour is $1.

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