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Freelancing Guide

Little Village welcomes completed essays, letters-to-the-editor, and pitches for articles and essays pertaining to the news, arts and culture of the Iowa City area.

In general, word counts range from 350-1200 words, but longer essays and investigations up to 3,000 words may also be considered.

Our general content categories are:

  • Community news
  • Food and drink
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Essays

Pitches for as-yet-to-be-completed articles should include:

  • A brief explanation of the topic and proposed angle, i.e.; Remote-access healthcare (topic), and what it means for women’s health in Iowa (angle).
  • A proposed wordcount and timeframe for completion
  • List of potential sources

For proposed angles, see Little Village’s list of core values:

  • Affordability and access
  • Economic and labor justice
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Racial justice
  • Gender equity
  • Quality healthcare
  • Quality education
  • Critical culture

Freelancers are asked to refrain from contacting artists or press agents for interview requests on behalf of Little Village without the expressed approval and participation of a Little Village staff editor.

Please direct all submissions and queries to:

A note about fact-checking and source protection: All content published in Little Village or on undergoes a rigorous fact-checking process. To the extent that published essays and articles draw on reporting and research, editors may ask contributors to document their sources. In-text citations are not necessary, but contributors may find it helpful to keep a file of each article or essay that includes a bibliography and sourced footnotes. At the editors’ discretion, sources for articles and essays of a sensitive nature may be kept anonymous in published drafts.