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Five for Five Seasons – Disc Golf Edition

Posted by Rob Cline | Jun 15, 2017 | Community/News

Five for Five Seasons is a periodic listing of five items somehow related to Cedar Rapids – The City of Five Seasons. The fifth season? Why, time to enjoy the other four, of course!

Wanna throw some discs into some baskets in the greater Cedar Rapids area? Of course you do. There are two upcoming events and three courses to get you started.

Photo by Huw Loaring

1) District Disc, Saturday, June 17
Head down to the Czech Village Clock Tower and throw 9 or 18 holes in this fundraiser for the Czech Village/New Bohemia Main Street organization. You’ll be supporting something called “tactical urbanism.” See the full details in this related story.

2) The Titan Open, Saturday and Sunday, August 12 and 13
Hosted by Titan Disc Golf (710 J Ave. NE), the Titan Open invites competitors to try their hand at the first of the following courses.

3) Shaver Park course, 800 J Avenue NE
Excerpts from a review by hotoatmeal:

“The course is very different than it was 5 or 6 years ago. An incredible amount of work was put into redesigning it. What were previously repetitive holes are now signature throws…Not beginner friendly. You can’t just flick nukes the whole time and expect to make it out alive.”
That last is good advice in many situations.

4) Jones Park course, 201 Wilson Avenue SW
Excerpts from a review by mmeseck:

“Course is free and easy to get to right in the middle of town. Has some nice changes in elevation for a townie course…Watch out for the birds and the poo. The birds were angry that day, my friend. Like an old man trying to send back in a deli.”

The birds asked for ham on rye. Is that so hard?

5) Legion Disc Golf Course, Boyson Trail, Marion (Thomas Park)
Excerpts from a review by JaminLDC:

“This course is fairly easy to navigate and if you get lost the people that regularly play it are nice and helpful…May lose a disc into the river or if thrown down the thick wooded hillsides.”

We’d still advise not going into the woods alone. Losing a disc is one thing, but relying on nice and helpful people in the woods is another.

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