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Democracy in Crisis Podcast: Reporter Alec MacGillis on Jared Kushner, Ben Carson and Mitch McConnell

This week, co-host Baynard Woods talks with ProPublica reporter Alec MacGillis about Jared Kushner’s rental properties, Ben Carson’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the machinations of Mitch...

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Discussing food mediation through the lens of a burrito stand in Portland

Food and identity are inextricably linked. This is both cliché and absolutely true. It is not surprising then that people get angry when others appropriate the foods that they identify...

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Opinion: What does it mean for a straight white man to become aware of sexual assault?

Meditation practices distinguish attention and awareness. One simple way to distinguish them is to understand attention as a mental or conceptual activity -- one’s thoughts -- and awareness as what...

Op-Ed: Showing Up for Racial Justice opposes unnecessary, discriminatory voter ID laws

A voter ID law and other election-related bills put forward by Republican lawmakers pose a major threat to Iowans’ voting rights. Voter ID requirements, restrictions on identification documents, eliminating same-day...

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Opinion: Reach out to Iowa legislators in support of the Iowa Cultural Trust

The Iowa Capitol shown on the opening day of the Iowa Legislature, Jan. 9, 2017. -- photo by Lauren Shotwell Today, perhaps as early as 1 p.m., the Iowa House...

Bakken Pipeline, Zak Neumann
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Opinion: Dakota Access Bakken Oil Pipeline Nearing Finish Line in Iowa

Protestors move to allow workers access to the worksite on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016. -- photo by Zak Neumann By David Goodner Construction of the Dakota Access Bakken oil pipeline...

Ped Mall
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Op-ed: Non-partisan group The Political Party aims to ‘cultivate new leaders’ via event series

Photo by Alan Light By Misty Rebik and Ravi Patel As a business leader and a non-profit leader, we have different areas of expertise and focus, but we both look...

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King responds to backlash: ‘Thanks for all the brilliant tweets’

Steve King US Congressman Steve King -- the man who likened immigrants to puppies in a litter, the man who defended dogfighting and other forms of animal cruelty with an...

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Op-ed: How the word of God can inform our citizenship

Photo by Dawn Huczek I sometimes wonder if the United States of America is a failed experiment. I can say that, because I have lived in two countries besides this...

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Opinion: The youth vote matters

This Friday we recognize the 45th anniversary of the 26th amendment, which lowered the voting age from 21 to 18 years old, giving a voice to thousands of young people....

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I was sitting in silence at Quaker Meeting this Sunday when I heard the news that 49 people were killed and 53 were injured in a mass shooting in a...

Iowa City Public Library
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Opinion: Those who experience gender-based violence deserve our support

A support group for victims of harassment will be held Thursday, Apr. 14 in Meeting Room E of the library. Photo by Randy Stern. International Anti-Street Harassment Week is an...

downtown iowa city - Photo by Britt Fowler
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Op-ed: A year on the job with the Iowa City Downtown District

Photo by Britt Fowler Imagine you’re a time traveler visiting current-day downtown Iowa City from an earlier time. Upon exiting your DeLorean, parked in front of the Airliner, you walk...

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Opinion: Expanding legal gun use for minors isn’t Iowa Nice, it’s Iowa Insanity

A new gun law would allow anyone under 21 to use a handgun under adult supervision. -- photo by tuchodi I try to see things from the other perspective. Even...