12 oz. Curls: Deschutes’ Hop Henge IPA

While watching the second half of the NCAA men’s basketball championship game earlier this month, I enjoyed a bottle of Hop Henge Experimental IPA, brewed by the Deschutes Brewery of Bend, Ore.

According to the beer’s webpage, Hop Henge is Deschutes’ “annual exercise in IBU escalation … it’s all hop, no apologies.” Available January through April, Hop Henge is brewed with “an outrageous amount of Centennial and Cascade hops.” The beer is also heavily dry hopped, a brewing process where hops are a […]

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Boozehound: Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey Review

Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey

Can’t stand the taste of regular old whiskey? Well, you’re in luck, because right now, we are living in a golden age of whiskey infusions. The idea of adding a little bit of flavor to whiskey is far from new—Wild Turkey’s honey infusion (known as American Honey since 2006) has been around since 1976. But, since the introduction of Jim Beam’s Red Stag cherry infusion in 2009, it seems everyone had gotten in on the action. […]

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Crafty: Eins, zwei, drei, apfelwein time!


On a trip to Germany a few springs ago, I fell in love with apfelwein—a traditional German apple cider. My travelling companions and I spent two weeks drinking delicious bottles of super dry apfelwein that the mother of our host made by hand. She had spent the previous fall pressing apples harvested from her family orchard and making apfelwein that fermented in her cellar over the winter. By the time the weather was warm, the apfelwein was ready to enjoy. […]

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Sucha Much IPA is LV’s April 2014 brew of the month

Sucha Much IPA

The Kalona Brewing Company’s signature IPA, Sucha Much, was named after a song by Paul Cebar and the Milwaukeeans titled “She’s Such a Much.” According to Lew Brewer, Kalona’s co-owner and head brewer, the song is about a girl who is “such a much.” “We just felt that way about the beer,” he said. While […]

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New beer alert: Surly Brewing Company comes to Iowa


The Surly Brewing Company of Brooklyn Center, Minn., has begun selling a limited amount of beer in the Des Moines, Ames, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City areas and plans a larger rollout in 2015. Surly made a grand entrance last Thursday, taking over the taps at El Bait Shop in Des Moines. Surly spokesman Lee Jones said representatives dropped off a pallet of BLAKKR, an Imperial Black IPA, for distribution by Johnson Brothers of Iowa. […]

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Get your grub on: Five Days of food in Iowa City

Top Chef Iowa City

With so much buzz around Mission Creek and the talented musicians and artists visiting our town, it is easy to overlook the stellar line-up of food events that are happening throughout the week. Here’s a five-day guide to feasting through the festivities. […]

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Boozehound: Glenfiddich 18 Year Old Scotch Whisky review

Glenfiddich distillery pot stills

This week we’re plunging directly into the world of single malt Scotch. Of all the types of whiskey out there, single malts tend to be the most expensive in the whisk(e)y category and the intimidation factor can be high. Compared to a good old-fashioned handle of Jim Beam bourbon or Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey, single malts, with their fancy packaging and expensive price tags, can seem to be more of an inconvenience than anything else. After all, that’s a healthy chunk of change you’re putting down for a bottle of whisky — is it really worth the price tag? […]

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Chicken Little Reviews: Szechuan House

Chicken Little Reviews

If you’ve ever had a hangover and you live in Iowa City, there’s a good chance you’ve already eaten food from Szechuan House, which offers delivery service. Their hangover standbys like orange chicken, crab Rangoon and pork fried rice are all solidly comparable to those at other Americanized Chinese places in town; however, there are […]

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