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Snowstorm time!
Posted by Casey Wagner | Dec 16, 2013

Schell’s Snowstorm -- photo by Jay GeisenWhile some breweries release the same, traditional holiday seasonal year after year, others keep consumers on their toes by always brewing something new. Anchor...

Minor Indulgences: Scrooge Edition
Posted by Luke Benson | Dec 11, 2013

“Eat, drink and be merry” is a familiar holiday toast, but did you know that there’s a second, somewhat morbid half to the saying that explains the reason why we...

La Michoacana Taqueria
Posted by Chicken Little | Dec 2, 2013

La Michoacana Taqueria, located at 436 HWY 1 West in Iowa City. -- photo via Yelp Tucked between a meat market and a physical therapy clinic in Paul’s Discount Strip...

Winter Beer Guide
Posted by Casey Wagner | Dec 2, 2013

Much like bears in a den, my pilsner glasses are overwintering in the cabinet above my fridge. I won’t be using them much because winter is the season for opaque...

Photo by Rachel Jessen
Posted by Elle Wignall | Nov 18, 2013

While nobody is keeling over dead at the Iowa House Hotel’s continental breakfast or fainting of malnourishment in workshop, the 34 fall writers in the...

Home Brewery Celebration
Posted by Casey Wagner | Nov 15, 2013

About a dozen local homebrewers will be serving their handcrafted and homemade brews this Saturday, November 16, at The Sanctuary Pub’s Homebrewers...

Matt Ghabel
Posted by Heidi McKinley | Nov 14, 2013

Little Village sits down with Matt Ghabel of the Motley Cow to talk about anything and everything involving the world of cooking. From chef heroes to cooking mottos, Ghabel gives...

Posted by Heidi McKinley | Nov 1, 2013

DeLuxe Cakes and Pastries is celebrating its ten year anniversary on Saturday, November 2. Little Village sat down with owner and pastry chef...

Lincoln Cafe
Posted by Chicken Little | Oct 18, 2013

The Lincoln Cafe is located at 117 1st Street NW in Mt Vernon, Iowa. It wasn’t long ago that a trip to the Lincoln Cafe also meant spending two hours...

Posted by Casey Wagner | Oct 14, 2013

"That’s Short’s" is a phrase Jacob Lancaster finds himself hearing and thinking often. Though it may sound like an inside joke, Lancaster, the general manager at...

Pumpking Beer
Posted by Casey Wagner | Oct 10, 2013

Pumpkin ale is the quintessential seasonal for October, and I prefer these beers to taste like pumpkin pie in a bottle. Many pumpkin ales are only halfway there...

Posted by Casey Wagner | Oct 3, 2013

Don’t put away your lederhosen and dirndl’s just yet. The Amana Colonies’ annual Oktoberfest, complete with singing, dancing, games and lots of beer drinking, is this...

Culinary Ride
Posted by Heidi McKinley | Oct 2, 2013

At 8 a.m. on a Sunday, the air was chilly with the first day of fall. A crowd at Terry Trueblood park seemed to have risen bleary-eyed, helmets gleaming in...

New Pioneer
Posted by Drew Bulman | Oct 1, 2013

The New Pioneer Co-op board of directors announced today that a third store will be established in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The decision comes after the board of directors -- by...