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Posted by Paul Brennan |
White supremacist fliers distributed in Iowa City neighborhood

Residents of the Wetherby Park neighborhood in southeastern Iowa City woke up to white supremacist fliers on their front lawns on Wednesday morning. The racist message on the fliers was...

Posted by Paul Brennan |
Seeing red and getting called ‘unhinged’: Iowa politics in 2017

Republican took full control of state government in Iowa in 2017, and moved quickly to enact an intensely ideological agenda, making major changes that reduced women’s access to health care,...

Posted by Lauren Shotwell |
‘Loving Vincent’ transports viewers to the world as van Gogh envisioned it

Painted entirely in oils, Loving Vincent is art set in motion. Although it’s worth seeing just to sit back and admire the swirling brushstrokes, it doesn’t rely on the novelty...

Posted by Paul Brennan |
Your Village: What’s the story behind an Iowa City crossing guard who waves at every car?

I drive by the corner of Ashwood Drive and Rochester Avenue in the mornings on my way to work and there is a crossing guard who waves at everyone passing...

Posted by Paul Brennan |
Sanctuary Pub announces new ownership

Another fixture on the Iowa City scene is changing hands as 2017 draws to a close. On Sunday, Sanctuary Pub owner Daryl Woodson announced on Facebook that he is retiring...

Posted by Michael Roeder |
Dan Tedesco chases the lightning to Cedar Rapids

Dan Tedesco will be at CSPS Hall in Cedar Rapids on Thursday, Dec. 14. He’ll show the film, then hold a Q&A which will be followed by a short solo...

Posted by Paul Brennan |
Democrat Fred Hubbell: Iowa is wasting too much money on corporate giveaways

Fred Hubbell wants to end the corporate giveaways the state has been handing out in the name of economic development. “What I see right now is that we’ve got so...

Posted by Paul Brennan |
Cardboard will be banned from Iowa City garbage bins starting next year

As Iowa City residents haul the remains of their New Year’s Eve to curb, they’ll need to remember a new regulation: no cardboard in the garbage bin. Starting Jan. 2,...

Posted by Paul Brennan |
Iowa has the nation’s highest overall graduation rate again, but some students are still left behind

Iowa had the highest high school graduation rate in the country in 2016, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Education (DOE). Last year’s graduation rate was...

Posted by Daniel Boscaljon |
Interview: Reza Aslan on humanizing God

Reza Aslan will appear on Thursday, Dec. 7 at the First United Methodist Church (214 E Jefferson St, Iowa City) for a conversation with Iowa Public Radio host Charity Nebbe...

Posted by Paul Brennan |
The 2017 elections brought a historic win, a surge of write-in votes, a mayoral runoff and more to Johnson and Linn counties

The morning after winning a seat on the Iowa City Council, Mazahir Salih was up early working to support one of the causes she believes in. She testified before the...

Posted by Paul Brennan |
Sam Clovis is out one day after Sen. Grassley defended his nomination to be the top scientist at the USDA

Iowa’s Sam Clovis is no longer President Trump’s nominee for the top scientific position at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It was announced on Thursday that Clovis sent a letter...

Posted by Paul Brennan |
Obscure change in federal regulations may have big impact on local TV news in Iowa, and make the news more pro-Trump

On Tuesday, the Federal Communication Commission voted to eliminate a 77 year-old rule intended to ensure TV and radio stations serve the needs of their local communities. The vote on...

Chuck Grassley
Posted by Paul Brennan |
Sen. Grassley skips town hall meetings in Johnson, Linn and other big Iowa counties for the fifth straight year

Last week, the office of Sen. Chuck Grassley announced Iowa’s senior U.S. Senator had completed another annual tour of all the state’s 99 counties. But once again, he skipped town...