Four Iowa City bartenders dish on their favorite drinks to serve up and knock back

By Erin McMeen What is your favorite drink to make for yourself? Brenton Thompson (Northside Bistro): I tend to drink a lot of whiskey and whiskey cocktails at home. I like to make variations of Old Fashioneds and Manhattans, but it really depends on the season and what I have in my fridge. I have […]

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Shanti Sellz on Iowa City’s slow food ethos, the fight for local foods and the future of small producers

By Alicia Ambler Local Foods and Planning Specialist Shanti Sellz leverages Iowa City’s slow food ethos and penchant for entrepreneurship to deliver fresh produce throughout Johnson county. Whether it’s Iowa City’s bustling Saturday farmers market, our seasonal celebrations of local foods or our thriving collection of school gardens, Iowa-grown foods are an enormous part of […]

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Spotlight: Iowa’s Milton Creamery taps into the rich art and science of cheese

By Frankie Schneckloth & Courtenay Bouvier Milton Creamery’s famous Prairie Breeze isn’t the kind of perfection one can will into existence. You need a little luck—and a lot of community—for that. “You don’t pick paths. You follow the trail,” says Rufus Musser, who describes his Milton Creamery, producer of the beloved Prairie Breeze cheese, as […]

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Spotlight: How quinceañera celebrations mark transitions for individuals and communities across Iowa

Photo by Juan Carlos Herrera

By Cristina Ortiz On a sunny summer day in 2006, I found myself in the vestibule of a Catholic Church in Marshalltown, Iowa helping to tie the underlayer of a giant pink hoopskirt which encased a very excited 15-year-old girl. The enormously poofy skirt was the stuff of small children’s princess dreams and harkened back […]

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LV Recommends: Casey’s General Store

Casey's Pizza

Casey’s is not a gas station, a friend once said: It’s a pizza place that has amenities, and those amenities happen to include gasoline. Looking at it this way takes some of the shame out of gas-station pizza, a shame the chain seems to insist on by putting its slices on triangular plates that go […]

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LV Recommends: Sauce Bar & Bistro

Photo by Susan Bednar Blind

If there is a grapefruit-infused beverage, I’m probably going to order it. Overtly fruity beers should be illegal, yet I’ll drink an IPA with hints of grapefruit all day long. So it was with great rejoicing that I discovered my new favorite drink at Sauce Bar & Bistro: Rosemary’s Salt of the Dog features Hendrick’s […]

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LV Recommends: Bar’ber Shop

Bar'ber shop

If I hadn’t looked at the reviews online, I would have flown right by it. “Bar’ber Shop? I searched restaurants!” But upon more investigation, it appeared this place (located at 218 1st Ave. in Coralville) wasn’t serving up a shave and a haircut, but meals made from locally sourced foods at an affordable price. So, […]

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