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Bread & Butter Dining Guide

Bread & Butter: Your 2015 dining guide for the Iowa City area.

Posted by Eleanore Taft |
Seed-saving: Growers work to preserve heirloom food for future generations

Photo courtesy of Seed Savers Exchange On a Northeast Iowa farm and in backyards across the nation, Seed Savers Exchange preserves heirloom varietals and their stories for future generations. In...

Posted by Little Village |
LV Recommends: 5 places to snag premium pizza in the Iowa City area

These pies are just what you’re looking for. Need Pizza 207 2nd Ave SE, Cedar Rapids Need Pizza, Cedar Rapids Offering slices over lunch for office-dwellers and with late-night hours...

Posted by Helaina Thompson |
How one Linn County farm is blazing a trail for a growing regional industry

“They’re about the size of your eyelash when you get ‘em.” -- Denny Rehberg, Rehberg Pork and Shrimp On their Linn County farm, Lea and Denny Rehberg raise shrimp alongside...

Posted by Little Village |
2017 Guide: A-Z Restaurants in the Iowa City area and Cedar Rapids

There’s something in this index for most palates and budgets, and each location listed was selected by editors for the unique character it brings to our area. Price is based...

Posted by Eleanore Taft |
Rapid Creek brings farm-to-table food, special ciders

Chef Matt Steigerwald and owner Katie Goering bring a restaurant, cider-tasting room and event space to Wilson’s Orchard this spring with the opening of Rapid Creek Cidery. The cidery is...

Posted by K. Michael Moore |
LV Recommends: Beer Burger

BeerBurger offers much more than its name implies -- including traditional and "Bam-Boozled" shakes and floats. I love a restaurant that doesn’t need a gimmick: one where the food is...

Posted by Kelli Ebensberger |
LV Recommends: Sugapeach

Photo by Kelli Ebensberger There is an evident void in local cuisine: While there are quite a few great barbeque joints in town, the selection is far more limited when...

Posted by Josie Neumann |
LV Recommends: Augusta’s turducken

A turducken consists of a chicken stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turkey and often features traditional autumnal sides, like stuffing or sweet potatoes, between the poultry. -- photo...

Posted by K. Michael Moore |
LV Recommends: Millstream Bräu Haus

Photo by K. Michael Moore One of my favorite autumn activities in eastern Iowa is a visit to Amana. Quaint little shops, the down-home General Store, local theatre, Millstream Brewery...

Photo by Jordan Sellergren
Posted by Sarah Jarmon |
LV Recommends: Red Vespa

Photo by Jordan Sellergren Brick walls, industrial piping and stamped metal bar backing greet you when you enter Red Vespa in Solon. The vibe of the place is chic, cozy...

Posted by Tim Taranto |
LV Recommends: Baroncini

Photo by Tim Taranto Baroncini, on Linn St. in downtown Iowa City, has always been known for its upscale Italian fare and superior wine list, which is maybe why I...

Posted by Susan Bednar Blind |
LV Recommends: The Pig & Porter

Photo by Susan Bednar Blind Though the flood of 2008 devastated sections of Cedar Rapids, the rebirth of the downtown, Czech Village and New Bohemia districts make the losses easier...

Posted by Little Village |
LV Recommends: Le Gourmet

Photo by Tim Doran By Ashley Chong I went over the phrases I would say in Korean, double-checking for any blatant errors in how I addressed the owner or how...

Posted by Helaina Thompson |
LV Recommends: Dumpling Darling

Photo by Helaina Thompson Dumplings -- adorably bite­-sized pockets of dough packed with various fillings -- excel in convenience. At Dumpling Darling on Dubuque Street in Iowa City (their brick...