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Posted by Paul Brennan | Oct 9, 2017

If you're in possession of the stolen half-a-zombie, drop it off at Little Village's office. All will be forgiven.

Posted by Paul Brennan | Oct 6, 2017

Iowa City released the schedule for the start of this year’s leaf removal program on Friday. Crews will began collecting leaves on Monday, Oct. 16.

Posted by Frankie Schneckloth | Oct 6, 2017

Downtown diners will have something new to feast on next week, when Soseki Sushi Cafe and Sake Bar at 227 S Dubuque St, opens for business on Monday, Oct. 9.

Posted by Lauren Shotwell | Oct 6, 2017

The grocery store chain Trader Joe’s opened its much-anticipated Coralville store Friday morning to a line of shoppers eager to browse the tiki-themed aisles and bring home some of the...

Posted by Paul Brennan | Oct 5, 2017

A student group that was attempting to organize a protest at the University of Iowa’s Homecoming game on Saturday has cancelled its plans over safety concerns.

Posted by Paul Brennan | Oct 5, 2017

The Political Party is celebrating its first anniversary with a combination party and gubernatorial candidate forum at the Englert Theatre on Friday night.

Posted by Paul Brennan | Oct 5, 2017

Two Iowa Republicans—Sen. Joni Ernst and Rep. David Young—are among Congress’ biggest beneficiaries of the National Rifle Association’s political spending.

Posted by Emma McClatchey | Oct 4, 2017

There's not much to say about this playful pair of kittens that isn't better understood from observing their quirky, synchronized style of play. Luckily, we have plenty of photos.

Posted by Paul Brennan | Oct 4, 2017

There’s going to be a new option in Iowa City for hungry people who don’t want to get off the couch: Chomp.

Posted by Paul Brennan | Oct 3, 2017

Linn County and Iowa City are both seeking artists to create new pieces of public art.

Posted by Emma McClatchey | Oct 3, 2017

McDonald's is bringing back their 1998 limited-edition Szechuan dipping sauce at the insistence of Rick and Morty fans. One Iowa City location will distribute the now-famous condiment.

Posted by James Hirsch | Oct 3, 2017

Every year around 5,000 Iowans return to their community after incarceration. Two immediate tasks are at hand: finding work and a place to live. A new reentry simulation, the first...

Posted by Paul Brennan | Oct 3, 2017

A new program is accepting donations of eclipse glasses, which will be distributed to schools in Asia and South America.

Posted by Luke Tweedy | Oct 3, 2017

Kirk Walther, owner of the Record Collector, passed away on Sept. 24 after more than 35 years of service to the Iowa City music community. As any small business owner...

Posted by Lauren Shotwell | Oct 3, 2017

Author and Iowa City resident Susan Futrell starts out her book 'Good Apples: Behind Every Bite' with the auction of the oldest commercial apple orchard in Iowa: an orchard outside...

Posted by Enza Garcia Arreaza | Oct 3, 2017

¿Qué sucede cuando, en efecto, nadie te persigue? ¿Cómo te explicas el contraste generado entre la vida real que te espera al volver y este idilio en el Norte de...