Aluminum Gold

With Aluminum Gold, Little Village is launching a three-part series on what homelessness in Iowa City and Eastern Iowa looks like. We can’t pledge to satisfy or break every stereotype, but we can pledge to give you stories you haven’t heard before. We’re beginning this series in October because its already damn cold outside, and […]

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McCain, Palin, Socialism

Lately McCain and Palin have been hammering Obama for having “socialist ideas.”  Now of course, they don’t actually care whether Obama really advocates Socialism or Capitalism or Communism. They are just using words with negative connotations to describe their opponent, as though they were magical spells. They count on their constituency being ignorant, and not […]

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Ghost Hunters

There are no proton packs. No positron colliders. No Ecto-Containment unit. Turns out, the world of ghost hunting, like most everything else, is a lot less sexy than the movies would make it. “A lot of people think it’s just like TV,” says Vicki Stinson. “But, there are all of these reports and standard operating […]

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