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Posted by Paul Brennan |
Linn-Mar school officials support student artist after her painting is denounced as Satanic and sexually explicit

High school art exhibits usually don’t generate much interest from anyone who isn’t the proud parent of one of the artists, but an exhibition of works by students in Linn-Mar...

Posted by Lauren Shotwell |
Weeklong series of events in Iowa City aims to bring community members together to honor legacy of Martin Luther King

After a tumultuous year that highlighted divisions within the community and the nation at large, Iowa City is kicking off a weeklong series of events celebrating the legacy of Dr....

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‘It’s like a Netflix for political action’: ActWorthy, an Iowa City-based website for political activism, is being launched

ActWorthy, a new Iowa City-based website for political activists will be celebrating its launch with a party at MERGE on Monday. “Our mission is to make effective grassroots political action...

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Cedar Rapids, Mt. Vernon events will celebrate Martin Luther King’s vision, but also address continuing divisions

Each year, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day offers a chance to not just celebrate the accomplishments and spirit of a great American leader, but also to examine the ways in...

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White supremacist fliers distributed in Iowa City neighborhood

Residents of the Wetherby Park neighborhood in southeastern Iowa City woke up to white supremacist fliers on their front lawns on Wednesday morning. The racist message on the fliers was...

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Johnson County and 35 other Iowa counties are suing opioid manufacturers

Johnson County, along with 35 other Iowa counties, is suing five major manufacturers of prescription opioids for what the counties claim are deceptive marketing and sales practices that fueled the...

Posted by Baynard Woods |
Democracy in Crisis: The state of protest in 2018

Donald Trump’s second year in office begins like every new Star Wars movie: with the Resistance in tatters, trying to rebuild. There is plenty of internet #Resistance, ranging from insane...

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Carriage rides and an indoor snowball fight promise warm fun at Coralville’s Winterfest

Every parent knows it: that wild look in the eyes of children of a certain age once the cold weather’s been around for a while. It’s a look that can...

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All Iowa City apartment buildings will start offering recycling this year

Apartment life in Iowa City will get a little greener in 2018, because every building with more than four rental units have to offer recycling before the end of the...

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Man wrongly arrested for robbery because he was Facebook friends with other suspects sues Linn County

On Wednesday, Joseph McBride filed a federal lawsuit alleging that Linn County and Jerry Vander Sanden, the county attorney, violated his rights by having him arrested and jailed last year...

Lake MacBride
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Iowa environmentalists scored a victory for water quality as 2017 ended

Last year saw many setbacks for environmentalists as President Trump and Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), took charge of the federal government’s environmental policy. But...

Posted by Emma McClatchey |
Adoptable Pet of the Week: Pretty Girl, the blind, deaf and super-sweet senior

Every shelter animal has its challenges, some steeper than others. With very little in the way of hearing and no sight, life at the Iowa City Animal Center can be...

Posted by Lauren Shotwell |
Indivisible Iowa conference to help activists gear up for the legislative session

Get ready for the upcoming legislative session with the Activists Get Active conference in Cedar Rapids on Saturday hosted by Indivisible Iowa, a non-partisan network of grassroots organizations across the...

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Know Your Neighbor: Inter-Religious Council joins with Cedar Rapids library for community discussions about religion

Starting Monday, Jan. 8, the Inter-Religious Council of Linn County is joining forces with the Cedar Rapids Public Library on three Know Your Neighbor community discussions, each focused on three...