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Posted by Jayme Bigger | Aug 9, 2017

Rock the Chalk is returning to Iowa City, bringing chalk art and live music to the downtown on Friday.

Posted by Paul Brennan | Aug 9, 2017

More than half the state's waterways are polluted and there's a dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, but Iowa's approach to controlling nutrient water pollution is completely voluntary.

Posted by Mike Kuhlenbeck | Aug 8, 2017

The 2017 Iowa State Fair will display the red wagon belonging to missing newspaper carrier Johnny Gosch, who disappeared on Sept. 5, 1982 when he was only 12 years old.

Posted by Frankie Schneckloth | Aug 8, 2017

In June 2016, the former Bar’Ber Shop restaurant was forced to close its doors after the City of Coralville purchased its building as part of a citywide flood mitigation effort....

Posted by Paul Brennan | Aug 7, 2017

Spanish and Arabic translators will help lower language barriers at forum with school board candidates being held at the Iowa City Public Library.

Posted by Paul Brennan | Aug 7, 2017

The U.S. Justice Department's sudden reversal in a case involving the Americans with Disabilities Act is adding to concerns about the Trump administration’s commitment to protecting civil rights.

Posted by Paul Brennan | Aug 4, 2017

Revival clothing store and the Union Bar have a new landlord. On Thursday, the Tailwind Group bought the Ped Mall building that houses both businesses for $2.9 million.

Posted by Emma McClatchey | Aug 4, 2017

North Liberty’s newest eatery is designed to suit bikers, businessmen and burger fans alike, with private dining spaces, an all-American menu and 160-seat patio with a bike repair station.

Posted by Paul Brennan | Aug 3, 2017

The plan for a new building to house the University of Iowa Museum of Art (UIMA) has been given final approval by the Iowa Board of Regents, it was announced...

Posted by Paul Brennan | Aug 3, 2017

The USDA is now describing old rightwing radio rants as solidly researched. The ranter, Sam Clovis, is President Trump's nominee to be the USDA's top scientist.

Revival Soap Opera
Posted by Little Village | Aug 3, 2017

photo by Kate Conlow IOWA CITY -- Kyle Smith of the Tailwind Group, a property management company based in Mankato, Minnesota -- owners of The Quarters at Iowa City --...

Posted by Rob Cline | Aug 3, 2017

As our national discourse coarsens, it can be difficult to know how to best respond to hateful words and actions in public confrontations. Positive Words and Actions — a Cedar...

Posted by Jason Smith | Aug 2, 2017

Spencer James backstage at Tribute -- photo by Jason Smith Tribute is an annual runway show on par with some of the top fashion events throughout the world. Usually held...

Posted by Paul Brennan | Aug 2, 2017

What are they building west of Big Grove? A pond? -- Richard, Iowa City, via Facebook

Posted by Paul Brennan | Aug 1, 2017

A new Iowa City restaurant promising burgers, brews and burritos is opening in August.

Posted by Paul Brennan | Aug 1, 2017

Hidden away on the long-vacant top floor of a familiar Ped Mall building is a strange world of graffiti art.