Balancing the Scales

Chris Warnock and I are two unconventional lawyers looking to address a conventional problem: the power imbalance between landlords and tenants in Iowa City. Along with Christine Boyer, we have founded the Tenants Project, an organization dedicated to ensuring fair play between landlords and tenants. We seek to change the landlord-tenant dynamic from one of antagonism to cooperation and we intend to accomplish that through self-help litigation assistance, continuing legal education and, if necessary, class-action litigation. […]

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Seeds of Change

Iraqi poet Naseer Flaiih Hassan arrived in Iowa City in mid-September as part of The University of Iowa’s International Writing Program. Although he worked in architecture for nearly 20 years in Iraq, he describes his truest identity as being that of a poet. It was only after the fall of the Ba’athist Regime in 2003 […]

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Your Town Now: License to Complain

Iowa City, often called the Athens of the Midwest, is, like its more famous cousin, a hotbed of learning, activism and civic engagement.

Nonetheless, only an abysmally low 5.11% of registered voters (2,598 people) voted in our recent City Council primary election, while the other 48,222 registered voters living in Iowa City couldn’t be bothered to, apparently. […]

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Townie Hawk: What's in a View?

Saturday, Sept. 24 marked my first foray into an echelon of sports-reporting I’d previously only dreamed of: a seat in the Paul W. Brechler Press Box. I was given the privilege of witnessing the Hawks trounce Lousiana-Monroe on our home turf, far above the madding crowds of Kinnick. […]

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