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Iowa City Pride 2010 – Parade & Festival

The 2010 Iowa Pride Parade & Festival couldn't have asked for better weather, and I think the turn-out was pretty good, comfortably filling the Ped Mall from Washington Street to...

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Whose City Is This Anyway?

The poet Marvin Bell has a favorite story he tells about a man dressed as a clown who robbed a downtown Iowa City Bank and then “fled on foot and...

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We're Here! We're Queer! (and/or love our Gay Brothers & Sisters)

Time to celebrate Gay Pride in the third gayest city in the U S of A!

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Little Village: June/July 2010 Issue

Flip through LV 93, from June/July 2010

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2010 Iowa Arts Festival Video Recap

With well over one hundred artists, culinary row and musical performances by Sonny Landreth, The Pines and Darrell Scott, last weekend's Iowa Arts Fest drew thousands to downtown Iowa City....

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100 Percent

Henri Harper filled a difficult position at Iowa City's City High School for the last 11 years as the juvenile court liaison, helping students transition back into the classroom after...

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I first realized adults live lives quite different from children when I was 10 or so and asked one of my father's employees what his plans were for the summer....

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UR Here: Challenging Change

In the raging underage/binge drinking debate in Iowa City, a couple of familiar refrains keep singing: “You can’t change the drinking culture,” and “Downtown Iowa City’s economy will collapse,” the...

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Down the river

Commentary: June/July 2010 ~ Two years ago in June, the water began creeping. The rain didn’t stop and the water creeped and creeped. Everyone we knew still went to work,...

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Iowa to Me

“Stand up and introduce yourself,” said Mrs. B. “Umm…Hi, my name is Bonkuya. Nice to meet you all,” I said. These were the first words to have ever exited my...

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The N.E.W. Way

Features: June/July 2010~ It’s a seemingly simple solution. Need more women in leadership roles? Then hire more of them, right? Wrong. According to Kelly Thornburg, coordinator of Iowa N.E.W. Leadership,...

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Big Bonds

Features: June/July 2010~ On a chilly, rainy afternoon in May, two young Iowa City women searched downtown and the pedestrian mall for a place to get a cheap manicure. It’s...

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Stars Over Iowa City: June 2010

Astrology: June 2010~ FOR EVERYONE ~ The road to somewhere new. June's vibes will tear up all roads leading to the past and break our links with life as we...

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Roast This Town!

Greetings Iowa City! The deadline has almost arrived and we've received some terrific submissions thus far. We thought we'd share the following roast by Tom Dean to help keep those...