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Posted by Yale Cohn |
Public Spaces

“Panhandling”--what it is, who can do it and where--has been a hot topic in Iowa City recently ever since the city council proposed--and ultimately passed--a new ordinance prohibiting “aggressive panhandling”...

Posted by Stephanie Catlett |
Townie Hawk: The View from Down Here

Gearing up for football season in Iowa City is very much like a warrior painting his or her face for battle, gathering supplies and weaponry, readying oneself for the trials...

Posted by Drew Bulman |
Civic Duty

As much as we enjoy our beloved town, Iowa City’s not exactly at the top of the list of “must see” locations for visiting foreign dignitaries and officials. After all,...

Posted by Thomas Dean |
UR Here: Keys to the City

Kudos to Mark Ginsberg and Marc Moen for putting pianos out in our public downtown walkways a la the “Play Me, I’m Yours” initiative in New York City and elsewhere....

Posted by Paul Sorenson |
We Built This City

I’m leaving Iowa City. For the vast lot of you who don’t know me, this means little. But after the most important six years of my life--and as an active...

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Crude Caution

The images of oil-covered birds, fish and marine mammals haunt us. The tar balls wash up onto formerly pristine beaches, the dispersants seep in long tendrils under the surface. Wetlands...

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Astrology Forecast for August 2010

FOR EVERYONE ~ Temporary future shock. As August opens, we will all realize that the future has started happening, all around us, right before our eyes. Big changes will be...

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Hawkeye Football Media Day with Townie Hawk

Friday was Iowa Hawkeye Football Media Day, and Little Village was there to do some hard-nosed reporting. We put Stephanie Catlett, author of Little Village's "Townie Hawk" column, on the...

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Little Village Magazine: Issue 94

Issue 94 of Little Village Magazine has arrived. Read it all online!

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Full Roast of Iowa City (Streaming)

Here it is, folks! We have the full roast of Iowa City ready to stream for your pleasure, hosted by Little Village Magazine and Prairie Lights Book Store. Video editing...

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Roast of Iowa City Recap

Yesterday marked Little Village Magazine's first roast of Iowa City, complete with food and wine courtesy of Motley Cow Cafe and Okoboji Wines. Held at Prairie Lights and hosted by...

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Astrology Forecast for July 2010

FOR EVERYONE ~ Transition with a capital "T." In July, a lot of complicated things happen all at once. We bid a final goodbye to the world as we once...

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Why you should subscribe to the Press Citizen Local News RSS Feed

Instead of printing a dump of the raw police blotter, someone with a sense of humor at the PC is in charge articles about local arrests. You have to give...

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Even More Pride Photos

"Barefoot" Adrianne B. does it again with her lush Iowa City Pride Parade photos