Letter to the Editor: Finding Favor in the Smokiest Places

Ode to the Tobacco Bowl

I have spent a good portion of my college career drinking coffee and chain-smoking in a unique and bizarre coffee and cigar shop. This coffee shop of mine contains every social degenerate you could imagine, all of whom have an intense interpersonal connection with me just from also being deemed a “regular.” […]

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Business as Usual: The trouble with Leon

Business as Usual

When I get to the taxi shack, everybody’s freaking the fuck out. My dispatcher Paulie Floyd is in the parking yard smoking grass and has three cigarettes burning, two of them wedged in the downspout outside his office door. Our rookie, #12, also wears a long face like he’s going to bust out crying. “Fuck’s […]

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Your Town Now: Is Fiberight right for Iowa City?


The City of Iowa City is contemplating signing a contract with a company called Fiberight for trash-to-ethanol conversion. Fiberight is a Maryland-based company that creates cellulosic ethanol and biogas from materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. After a Fiberight presentation at a city council meeting in early January, it was decided that […]

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Savage Love: Don’t judge the fetish

Savage Love!

I am a liberal parent. I raised a daughter who is bi and poly. I always thought that I could accept anything that parenthood might throw at me. I knew that I could embrace my son if he were straight, gay, bi, trans, etc. If there is a controlling consciousness of the universe, it has a nasty sense of humor. Putting it bluntly: My son is sexually attracted to Pokémon. He dropped hints that I didn’t really pick up on… […]

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