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Posted by Vik Patel | May 6, 2012

This week on American Reason we discussed education, business and farming with special guest Dick Schwab. For more:   Direct Link: May 6, 2012 Subscribe: iTunes

Posted by Dr. Star | May 5, 2012

FOR EVERYONE—Pathfinding. May opens the floodgates of possibility for many. For others, what May will not do is present an obvious, unobstructed path from point A to point B. However,...

Posted by Vik Patel | Apr 30, 2012

This week on American Reason we discussed the curtailing of civil liberties and collapse of civilizations.   Direct Link: April 29, 2012 Subscribe: iTunes

Posted by Vik Patel | Apr 23, 2012

This week on American Reason we discussed John Derbyshire article about the "white version" of  "the talk", Trayvon Martin and statistics with special guest Yale Cohn.   Direct Link: April 22,...

Posted by Matthew Steele | Apr 17, 2012

ICAD Jelly | April 19 | Busy Coworking (218 E Washington St) | 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. | FREE Attention freelancers! Iowa City now has a permanent coworking facility!...

Posted by Vik Patel | Apr 16, 2012

This week on American Reason we discussed Hilary Rosen and North Korea's failed missile launch.   Direct Link: April 15, 2012 Subscribe: iTunes

Posted by Vic Pasternak | Apr 11, 2012

Rough night: There’s a raunchy fête at one of the meet markets and ladies too young wander the streets boudoir-style looking like they’ve just emerged from Victoria’s Secret, wolf packs...

Iowa City Farmer Derek Roller (Echocollective) attends a CSA Fair. Photos by Jay Geisen. In early March, the Iowa legislature passed HF 589, the law that has come to be...

Posted by Patrick Dolan | Apr 11, 2012

In 2011, during the final weeks of a semester, a full professor at a research university in the United States was summoned to her department chair’s office. The chair said...

Posted by Thomas Dean | Apr 10, 2012

This spring marks the end of an era in Iowa City. Iowa City Spells, the annual adult spelling bee sponsored by the Iowa City Public Library Friends Foundation as a...

Posted by Vik Patel | Apr 8, 2012

This week on American Reason we discussed anti-bullying and hate crime laws.   Direct Link: April 8, 2012 Subscribe: iTunes

Posted by Raquel Baker | Apr 6, 2012

  For Nancy Carlson, off-campus housing is just as bad for students as it is for Iowa City. Photo by Jon Winet. In 1965, Nancy Carlson came to Iowa City...

Posted by Dr. Star | Apr 5, 2012

Astrology Forecast for April 2012 FOR EVERYONE ~ Option rich. Our lives are full of challenges and opportunities. There are seemingly countless options, too, but standing still isn’t one of...

Posted by admin | Apr 3, 2012

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