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Posted by Dr. Star | Oct 12, 2012

FOR EVERYONE—Opportunity with challenges. October is the beginning of the end of the uncertainty of recent times. People will make decisions, bringing order and direction to events, at last. The...

Posted by Vic Pasternak | Oct 11, 2012

  Standing on the West Bank corner, a shirtless man wears a bib of dried blood and bellows long, singular tones like a throat singer. People stare but no one...

Posted by Raquel Baker | Oct 11, 2012

The First Home: 715 N. Dodge Street, Iowa City. The year is 1973. The Vietnam War is ending. The Watergate hearings are beginning. The World Trade Center is completed, making...

Posted by Dr. Jason Bradley | Oct 11, 2012

I’ve been bombarded with questions this month asking whether or not organic food is more nutritious and worth the extra money, and I’m not surprised. There has been a lot...

Posted by Thomas Dean | Oct 11, 2012

These three bison have remained hidden for decades. In the days when prairies stretched from river to river across the expanse of what we now call Iowa, bison disturbance was...

Posted by Donald Baxter | Oct 11, 2012

On a beautiful Saturday in June, with the scent of burning automobile tires still in the air, I received my first bicycle traffic ticket in 40 years of cycling. That...

Posted by Vik Patel | Oct 7, 2012

This week on American Reason we discussed the first presidential debate of the season and an atheist lobbying group in Iowa.   Direct Link: October 7, 2012 Subscribe: iTunes

Posted by Wayne Diamante | Sep 26, 2012

Wayne Diamante, celebrated magician, cat lover and director of Mimes Out Loud: A Celebration of Gay Mime Culture fields tough questions this week with words that have meaning. Maybe you...

Posted by Vik Patel and Matt Sowada | Sep 25, 2012

Matt Sowada: In this inaugural attempt to bring our radio debate series to the page for Little Village, I thought we’d start by discussing the notion of photo voter identification...

Posted by Zach Tilly and Skaaren Cosse | Sep 25, 2012

Your Town Now—now featuring twice as many writers as a 1,000-word column should need—is Little Village’s monthly look at local news items of interest. In this edition, we look at...

Posted by Stephanie Catlett | Sep 25, 2012

We all know there’s no better place to watch the Hawkeyes take the field than Kinnick Sweet Kinnick, but for those who aren’t season ticket holders or rich people, we...

Posted by Vik Patel | Sep 23, 2012

This week on American Reason we discussed gay marriage and selling beer in Kinnick Stadium.   Direct Link: September 23, 2012 Subscribe: iTunes

Posted by Vik Patel | Sep 17, 2012

This week on American Reason we discussed Penn State, religion in politics and the motivation behind the embassy attacks.   Direct Link: September 16, 2012 Subscribe: iTunes

Posted by Vik Patel | Sep 9, 2012

This week on American Reason we discussed Obama's visit to Iowa City and alternative election styles.   Direct Link: September 9, 2012 Subscribe: iTunes