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Posted by Carmen Machado |
N.S.F.W: Take it outside

"There are few things worse than grass burn on your knees, ants in your pubic hair or poison ivy in your groin—you can pay tribute to spring without having to...

Neil Degrasse Tyson
Posted by Thomas Dean |
UR Here: Where is the wonder?

Neil deGrasse Tyson illustrates a point during his lecture at the University of Iowa on April 15. When astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson spoke to a capacity crowd at The University...

Posted by Raquel Baker |
A Dream no longer deferred

In 2006, Frederick Newell moved from Chicago to attend the University of Iowa. He was 18 years old and had a six-month-old baby. As a single dad, he found little...

Posted by Dave Parsons |
Letter to the editor: A case for the Justice Center

"I wish more people had attended the open forum hosted by the Vote No folks on April 23rd. It reinforced my belief that we all have the County’s best interests...

Pro Tips!
Posted by Wayne Diamante |
Pro Tips: Wayne is risen

"A chill wind blows through the room extinguishing the candles, save one. The supermodels totally nip-out." Candles illuminate an intimate setting. Wayne, turban bedecked and bejeweled, sits at the head...

River Walk
Posted by Marlin Ingalls |
IC History: Changing the channel

Most Iowa Citians don’t know how the Iowa River between the Burlington Street Bridge and northern part of City Park came to look as it does, nor that the channel...

Posted by Erin Tiesman |
Progress Report: University of Iowa’s 2020 vision

SCENES OF EARLY I.C.Late 19th-century Clinton Street, Downtown Iowa City. How exactly do you turn a campus of 30,000 students into a model of environmental sustainability? With seven key targets,...

Peter Buffet
Posted by Drew Bulman |
An interview with Peter Buffett

Peter Buffett will join famed feminist Gloria Steinem, Martha Stewart and many others for a series of shows and presentations at 2013 Iowa Women’s Leadership Conference. This event is sold...

American Reason
American Reason: The Hazy Debate

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), global land temperature has increased by about .188 to .315 degrees Celsius per decade since 1979. This may not seem like...

Posted by Drew Bulman |
EPX Animation & Gaming Con to feature industry pros

The video game industry is a diverse network of creative, design-oriented professionals whose names resonate with millions of video game fans across the world. For every J.J. Abrams, there is...

Your Town Now: Justice Center returns for a May 7 vote

According to supporters, the Justice Center is needed to alleviate the burden on the Courthouse, which does not have the space or resources to keep up with the backlog of...

Posted by William Downing |
Letter to the editor: Chauncey Project

I enjoyed the recent [Chauncey Project] article in the February 20th issue. It was well written and entertaining. However, there were two details I feel were not fully dealt with.

Posted by Drew Bulman |
Security video of Hookah Cove burglary released

Iowa City Police have released security video showing an April 15 burglary at Hookah Cove (357 East College Street) in the hopes of identifying the suspect. CrimeStoppers is offering a...

Truck Farm
Posted by Drew Bulman |
Celebrate Earth Month with these local events

Iowa City has been coping with what is, evidently, some sort of freakish week-long thunderstorm complete with flash floods, power outages and sogginess abound. With that said, what follows are...