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UR Here
Posted by Thomas Dean |
UR Here: Noxious nostalgia

Now, this was not everyone’s cup of tea, but the smell of freshly pumping gasoline was ambrosia to my nostrils. --photo by Tyson Randall Summer is here, and those distinctive...

Posted by John Miller |
FilmScene meet and greet this Saturday at Scene 1

Film Scene Meet and Greet Saturday, June 8 - 12-5 p.m. FilmScene’s Scene 1, an upcoming venue for American and international contemporary films, is holding a meet and greet this...

Bikes + Vegan Food
Posted by Drew Bulman |
30th Century Bicycle to host ‘Dinner and Bikes’ road show

Joe Biel (left), Joshua Ploeg and Elly Blue will be visiting 30th Century Bicycle on June 1 as part of the Dinner and Bikes road show. Festivities kick off at...

Pro Tips!
Posted by Wayne Diamante |
Pro Tips: Children, cover your ears

Wayne Diamante, corporation and permanent UN Security Council member, answers his readers’ questions in this week’s PRO TIPS with Wayne Diamante. If you have a question you’d like answered send...

American Reason
American Reason: The fruits of our (minimum wage) labor

Over the past few years the recession has forced states to make cuts to their social safety nets. More recently, the sequester has done the same on the federal level...

Vigil in Iowa City
Posted by Amy Mattson |
Your Town Now: ICE in Iowa

It may have been just another Iowa City arrest for some, but in the minds of several community members it was a call to the picket line. Toting young children...

Posted by David Henderson |
The new crop: Midwest League baseball

Midwest League baseball means cheap tickets, cheap beer, variable quality and raw players—who sometimes exhibit incredible promise. -- photos by David Henderson Witness! Players with incredible names like Colton Cain,...

Posted by Chelsea Bacon |
The time I found out I was a whore

“Listen here whore. You are the only one taking anything seriously. Why don't you go be a uppity cunt elsewhere. Why don't you try to be original for once rather...

Madeleine Albright
Posted by Drew Bulman |
Spend this Friday with Madeleine Albright

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will visit the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library this weekend in celebration of the newly opened exhibit, "Read My Pins: The Madeleine...

Posted by Rotten Tomatoes |
Rotten Tomatoes: It’s great to be a Hawkeye

I was Running towards my dad as if I were a wide receiver yards away from the game winning touchdown, with a spelling test clinched in my hands as my...

Posted by Drew Bulman |
In honor of Sir William Rogers

The 22nd annual Iowa Renaissance Festival and Gathering o'Celts will represent a bittersweet occasion for Sir William Rogers, also known as Greg Schmidt (at least, in this century), who plans...

Posted by Drew Bulman |
RAYGUN receives return fire on Facebook

RAYGUN found itself involved mired in a bit of a controversy this afternoon after recounting a customer exchange on the company’s official Facebook page. The post received dozens of comments,...

2008 Flood
Posted by Drew Bulman |
The 2008 floods: Two events to commemorate and educate

As we approach the five year anniversary of the 2008 Iowa floods, The University of Iowa’s Public Policy Center (UIPPC) and Iowa Flood Center (IFC) have announced two upcoming events...

Posted by Jill Bodach |
On The Table: Talking Trash

Scott Koepke (pictured right) is the Education Outreach Coordinator for New Pioneer Food Co-op’s Soilmates program. With more and more local programs and educational initiatives popping up, composting is clearly...