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An interview with city council candidate Royceann Porter

As the city council election draws near, Little Village posed the same set of questions to four candidates. The answers will be published one candidate at...

Posted by Vic Pasternak |
Business as Usual: Vic’s cab gets taken for a ride

Iowa City's favorite cabbie is back with "Business as Usual," a new 12-part series. -- illustration by Josh Carroll Our taxi shack is south of town and across the river—back...

Posted by Brendan L. Spengler |
Current White Rabbit exhibit celebrates the art of the show poster

Until the end of October, the White Rabbit Gallery at 112 S. Linn St. is hosting a poster art show featuring a handful of local artists who take part in...

College St. Crash
Posted by Drew Bulman |
Driver challenges parked car to a duel, loses

Pioneering new ways of lateral motion -- photo by Brian Rice Undeterred by the ten drinks he had consumed earlier in the night (and horribly distressed at the idea of...

American Reason
American Reason: Is an ounce of prevention worth a pound of legislation?

On the first of this month, health care exchanges facilitated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) were brought online. How might changes from ACA, a.k.a. Obamacare...

Emma Goldman Clinic's 40th anniversary
Posted by Chelsea Bacon |
Iowa City’s Emma Goldman Clinic to celebrate 40th anniversary with open house

On Friday, Oct. 18, Iowa City’s Emma Goldman Clinic will be celebrating its 40 years of service in our community. Soon after the Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade...

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Former Writers’ Workshop fellow is youngest to receive Man Booker Prize

The Man Booker Prize is Britain's most prestigious literary prize, and its latest winner is not only a former Iowa Writers' Workshop fellow, but also the youngest writer to...

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Old Capitol City Roller Girls mark fifth anniversary

The Old Capitol City Roller girls' next bout is on October 19 at the Coralville Marriot Convention Center (300 East 9th Street, Coralville, Iowa) -- photo by Heidi McKinley If...

Posted by Drew Bulman |
One Iowa to host ‘Life After DOMA’ event in Iowa City

So you're gay, happily married and taxes are due. Now what? One Iowa hopes to answer such questions on October 25 at the Iowa City Public Library. -- photo by...

University of Northern Iowa
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UNI transgender student makes school history after winning homecoming queen crown

A transgender University of Northern Iowa student has won the school’s homecoming queen crown following a vote by fellow students. Steven Sanchez, 21, is UNI’s...

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Democracy When?

We need to at least start from a set of agreed-upon facts. And we have to stop calling each other names. -- photo by Ryan Lackey When I got up...

Downtown Joliet, Illinois
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Krokodil arrives in the Midwest just in time for Halloween

Krokodil, an opiate made from the synthesis of codeine and various other chemicals including petrol, first made waves on the internet a couple of years ago when a...

Tim Dwight
Posted by Sheila Samuelson |
Tim Dwight sees the light in solar energy

"The global market for solar energy is booming," Tim Dwight says. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Germany receives roughly as much sunlight each year as Alaska. Despite its...

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Johnson County’s most honest, oblivious resident happens to live in Iowa City

There's honesty, and then there's the sort of oblivious honesty that leads to an arrest, drug charges and a bit of head scratching. Daniel Noehl of Iowa City learned...