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UR Here
Posted by Thomas Dean |
UR Here: Embracing autumn’s long, smoldering twilights

The sun lowers, oranges and purples intensify, time and breath stretch. -- illustration by Rachel Jessen I welcome the rhythm of the day’s turn toward night. The sun lowers, oranges...

"Iowa City bus fight"
Posted by Drew Bulman |
Purported ‘Iowa City bus fight’ shows students brawling despite adult on board

A video was uploaded by Youtube user Jonathan Fletcher yesterday purportedly showing a fight taking place on an Iowa City Community School bus. The video...

Campus Police
Posted by Drew Bulman |
Student learns the hard way not to leave personal items in personal space

Picture this: You're sitting in your dorm room, doing college dorm stuff, when suddenly there's a knock a the door. It's the cops, and they've come for The Drugs!

Posted by Heidi McKinley |
An interview with Trumpet Blossom Cafe owner Katy Meyer

The Trumpet Blossom Cafe is located on 310 East Prentiss Street in Iowa City. -- photo by Heidi McKinley Little Village sits down with Katy Meyer, owner of the Trumpet...

Pro Tips!
Posted by Wayne Diamante |
Pro Tips with Wayne Diamante: Golden Coral, shotguns, David Pogue and more

Welcome to your autumn edition of Pro-Tips with me, Wayne Diamante! I can’t get enough crisp country air and apple picking, leaf raking, duck hunting, gutter cleaning...

Posted by Dr. Star |
Astrology forecast for November 2013

If recent events have had a pattern, it’s a variation on the old dog-eat-dog formula. Progress has nothing to do with it. But an invisible cosmic tide is about to...

Dash cam footage captures the pursuit
Posted by Drew Bulman |
Authorities release dash cam footage of Ames pursuit, clear police officer’s use of deadly force

Authorities announced today that an officer was justified in his use of deadly force during a controversial police pursuit that ended with the death of 19-year-old...

A victory for LGBT!
Posted by Drew Bulman |
Illinois finally gets on board with that whole ‘gay marriage’ thing

Writer and NPR program host Peter Sagal may have said it best. “FINALLY,” he wrote on Twitter Tuesday afternoon. “It was totally embarrassing that Iowa was gayer...

Posted by Drew Bulman |
Printing flyers for your party? Don’t be surprised if the ICPD pays you a visit before the guests arrive

Those who publicly advertise their parties, whether it be on Facebook or a kiosk (read: telephone pole), are probably aware that these ads attract the attention of both...

The 1105 Project
Posted by Drew Bulman |
Restaurants band together in support of 1105 Project

Eighteen Johnson County restaurants are donating a portion of their November 5 proceeds in support of the 1105 Project at Gilbert Court. The project began when the building at 1105...

Posted by Drew Bulman |
National Bicycle Tourism Conference heads to Coralville

RAGBRAI and the Iowa Bicycle Coalition are hosting this year's NBTC conference. -- photo by Laurie Chipps Each year, the Bicycle Tour Network encourages bicyclists of all kinds to come...

Neumann Monson Architects honored
Posted by Drew Bulman |
Iowa City-based architectural firm receives multiple design awards

The American Institute of Architects Central State Region honored Iowa City's Neumann Monson Architects with two design awards last week for two projects...

Posted by Marlin Ingalls |
IC History: Reexamining the cold case files

Clockwise from bottom left: Susan Kersten, James Hall, Edward Kriz, Edward Leeney, Ronald Lipsius, Joseph Scneifer, Jane Wakefield, Sarah Ann Ottens -- Images courtesy of Though Iowa City has...

Iowa City's Ped Mall
Posted by John Miller |
Report questions efficacy of 21 ordinance, 21 Makes Sense Co-Chair Tom Rocklin disputes

The University of Iowa-based Iowa Policy Research Organization (IPRO) released a report Monday that suggests Iowa City’s 21-Ordinance has had no measurable...