Time for a change
Your Town Now: What’s the matter with Iowa?

It's time for a change in Iowa. -- photo by Bob Doran On Nov. 5, several U.S. cities voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana: Lansing, Jackson and Ferndale, Mich....

Cooking with Dean
Posted by Thomas Dean |
UR here: A traditional spice takes center stage

By the time you read this, I will have made several loaves of this year’s holiday cardamon bread. As autumn segues to winter, my seasonal spice shifts, too. Since September,...

Campaign finance reform?
American Reason: Should political contributions be classified as free speech?

The Supreme Court has had yet another campaign finance case on its docket this session: McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commision. As in similar cases...

Iowa State fans camp outside Hilton Coliseum on Thursday, December 12.
Posted by Drew Bulman |
Cyclone fans camp outside Hilton Coliseum in anticipation of Hawkeye match-up

Finals are just a week away at Iowa State University, but that hasn’t stopped some die-hard Cyclone fans from camping outside Hilton Coliseum in anticipation...

Posted by Dr. Star |
Astrology forecast for December 2013

December’s vibes are deceptive. Challenges and opportunities are intertwined in delicate balance. If we focus too much on the challenges, we’ll let the opportunities slip by. If we use the...

Oh god, the drugs!
Posted by Drew Bulman |
Illinois man busted for pot posession at Hotel Vetro is a stone cold badass

Shortly after 11 p.m. Saturday, Iowa City Police responded to the report of marijuana smells coming from room 401 of Hotel Vetro. You know what that means...

Uh oh...
Posted by Drew Bulman |
Iowa lawyer who fell for ‘Nigerian inheritance’ scam loses law license for a year

A Des Moines lawyer has lost his license to practice law for a year after unwittingly involving himself and others in a Nigerian inheritance scam. According to an...

Bean me!
Posted by Little Village |
Get caffeinated: December 9-16 is coffee week in Iowa City

December 9-16 is Coffee Week in Iowa City. Celebrate by downloading Best of IC and showing the app for sweet deals from nine local coffee shops. Available on iOS and...

An interview with r.s.v.p. owner Niki Neems
Posted by Heidi McKinley |
An interview with r.s.v.p. owner Niki Neems

"I’ve always, for as long as I remember, been a letter writer." -- photo by Anna Wickes Little Village sits down with Niki Neems, owner of r.s.v.p. (140 North Linn...

Illustration by Josh Carroll
Posted by Vic Pasternak |
Business as Usual: Dr. Bob’s tale of two felons

Cabbie Vic Pasternak returns with part three of "Business as Usual," a 12-part storytelling series. -- illustration by Josh Carroll We’re nine hours deep in a dead Thursday when I...

Style Points!
Posted by Tonya Kehoe |
Show me your style: What are your fashion guilty pleasures?

Today I bought yet ANOTHER cheap (but awesome) knit hat. Yesterday, I acquired a pair of $5 mint-colored tights. These items are just but TWO of my personal...

Rent on the rise for some
Posted by Brian Prugh |
Apartment buildings set to replace Hawkeye Court and Hawkeye Drive will have nearly double the rent

With architecture, there’s always a story. And that story usually has something to do with money. The story about Aspire at West Campus begins with...

Iowa Hate Week
Posted by Drew Bulman |
Iowa Hate Week is happening now and it’s kind of amazing

Iowa Hate Week is happening now in Lincoln, Nebraska. Do you know what that means? Other people are talking about us! -- photo by Alan Light You might not know...

Voting in Iowa City
American Reason: Fringe groups hold inequitable sway over politicians, but you can help

We are currently in an interim period between crises. Between the federal government shutdown in October and endless fights over the debt ceiling and the budget due to...