Album Review – Acoustic Guillotine: Self-Titled

Billy Mac and Pete R are veteran Iowa City musicians, going back to the 1980s punk/hardcore heyday. Though this self-titled album is more metal than anything else, I have to plead ignorance as to which metal sub-genre Acoustic Guillotine pledges their allegiance to. Their bass-and-guitar-duo sound lacks metal’s trademark guitar heroics, but they’re too energetic and obtuse to be stoner rock. […]

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Show Preview/Album Review: The Wandering Bears at The Mill, 9/24/11

The Wandering Bears will play this Saturday, Sept. 24, at the Mill, sharing a fantastic bill with Iowa City’s Datagun and opening for Caroline Smith & the Goodnight Sleeps. The Wandering Bears craft smart, unique pop tunes with substance and catchy hooks. Their songs are about men and women and the stupid things we do to each other, but with a mix of sweet reminiscence, real heartbreak, and… […]

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Album Review – Blizzard At Sea: Invariance

Blizzard At Sea claims to be a metal band. Sure, singer/guitarist Steven Douglas tortures his vocal chords with a classic Cookie Monster gargle, but something else is going on here. Before kicking into proggy start-stop riffing, “Island Of Stars” begins with an extended dreamy intro, anchored with oceanic bass, reminding me of the trancey minimalism […]

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