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Posted by Kembrew McLeod |
Pitch Perfect

The Pitchfork Music Festival, now into its third year, is the best event of its kind happening in America right now. In fact, it is kind of a disservice to...

Posted by Paul Ingram |
Paul's Picks: August 2008

What are you selling? What's everybody asking for these days? Who's hot? That's what they ask me these days at the bookstore. I'll tell you one thing we don't have...

Posted by Craig Eley |
On the Beat: Summer shows

After the Independence Day success of the 80-35 Music Festival in Des Moines and the Jazz Festival here, it’s Cedar Rapids’s turn to get into the summer festival mix with...

Posted by Melody Dworak |
Roll Tape!

Perspectives on the Iowa Filmscape The state of Iowa still struggles to prove itself as a cultural oasis, attractive to those looking for a well-rounded place to plant new roots....

Posted by Weekender |
Iowa City Weekender: August 1-3

Sometimes the natural course of things set in and your weekend options are dictated by the turning of the earth. This is such a weekend. Summer is closing fast (school...

Posted by Weekender |
Iowa City Weekender: July 24-29

The big story is RAGBRAI. It's an awesome experience, but if you don't already have bicycling plans, you may want to steer clear of North Liberty and Tipton as things...

Posted by Andrew Sherburne |
Dark Knight Movie Review

Dark Knight 150 min Directed by Christopher Nolan Every summer, a new round of superheroes arrive as a pulp retreat from the oppressive summer heat...or so it used to be....

Posted by Weekender |
Iowa City Weekender: July 17 – 20

Hey-ya, it's the weekend! The mid-point of summer has hit and there's only one way for the amount of sunlight to go from here: down. Fight the humidity and take...

Posted by Andrew Sherburne |
Simple pleasures

Quick. Name the #2 rated show in America. No, it's not CSI: Law & Order Unit. It's ABC's Wipeout. I have to admit, I love it. Our society has had...

Posted by Weekender |
Iowa City Weekender update: July 11-13

Click here for the complete Weekender for July 10-13. Friday, July 11-Sunday, July 13 Twisted: A Balloonamentary | Iowa City Public Library | Multiple showings (below) | Free Little Village...

Posted by Weekender |
Iowa City Weekender: July 10-12

The weather has ruled my summer. The past month has been spent preparing for and recoiling from the floods...that one's a given. But from rained-out softball games to the perfect-sky...

Posted by Scott Samuelson |
Surfwise Movie Review

Surfwise Documentary, 93 min Directed by Doug Pray The floods have got me thinking about water: the great life-giver, the great destroyer. Lao Tzu, the founding Taoist, says that we...

Posted by Kembrew McLeod |
Believe the Hype

When Public Enemy released It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back in 1988, it was as if it had landed from another planet. The album came frontloaded...

Posted by Paul Ingram |
Paul's Picks: July 2008

It's time to highlight a few paperbacks that are unlikely to receive much national attention. Some are published by small publishers, which can't buy expensive lunches for the New York...